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International transfers: fast and easy with WestStein

Today, a person regularly performs various financial transactions: makes purchases in reality and on the Internet, pays bills, receives wages, pays taxes, and much more. In addition, there may be a need to make international money transfers, then the holder of the “plastic” must understand whether he can perform this manipulation right here and now, or whether he still has to contact a banking institution. International transfers with WestStein – our clients send and receive funds easily and quickly with a 100% guarantee of data security and confidentiality.
The experts of our institution not only provide high quality service and regular customer service, but they will also be able to explain in detail how to make international bank transfers within a short time.

International transfers from card to card online

What is the peculiarity of such an operation and why not all banks can provide their customers with such an opportunity. Firstly, the financial structure must have Internet banking, which allows you to implement tasks using a gadget – then there is no need to contact the branch. Secondly, a card for such transfers must have the appropriate functionality, for example, an IBAN number. Given these two criteria, you can understand whether international money transfers from card to card are available. Implementing the operation itself is extremely simple, it is enough to have a few free minutes, the right amount of money on the “plastic”, as well as access to the network and details of the addressee.

What are swift transfers?

SWIFT (S.W.I.F.T.) is an international interbank system designed to optimize the process of transferring information and funds. To receive a swift transfer means that finances will be delivered to the consumer’s card, regardless of the currency (euro, dollar, ruble, British pounds sterling, Swiss francs) and country.

SWIFT transfers are ideal for paying for services while traveling, business trips or shopping in a foreign country, as well as paying for medical treatment and education. They are also used to pay salaries to employees and transfer funds to relatives and friends.

Our card for international transfers allows you to make such transactions. The WestStein virtual card is your reliable financial assistant.

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