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The Reason’ Norman Alexander Writes

Norman Alexander is an artist unafraid of the depths of songwriting. Matched with a deeply soulful voice, his lyrics explore themes of heartbreak, triumph, lost loves, and hopefulness. 

It’s this sort of balance that makes Norman Alexander so dynamic and electrifying. His first single, “No Goodbyes” introduced us to his crooning voice at a time when the whole world was feeling joined in the strain of heartbreak. The song is dedicated to everyone who lost a loved one throughout the pandemic and gives listeners a chance to feel hopeful in a time of loss, and less alone in a time of isolation.

His following single, “All I Know” explored a different sort of emotional expression. He sings of love on its last legs; two hearts that feel a deep disappointment and regret, but still searching for ways to hang on.

“Don′t let go, this is all we know

Came too far to be all alone

Falling apart, now I’m on my knees

Never been one to beg but this is all I know”

For all the pain in the lyrics, there’s also hope. This is exactly the sort of well-rounded expression that makes Norman Alexander such a powerful lyricist. 

His song “The Reason” was released shortly after, solidifying his rise as an R&B powerhouse. It took the video less than two weeks to reach 1 million views

The Reason” is a song steeped in heartbreak, telling the story of a love that has gone too far. In the music video, the visuals are dark and shadowed, balanced by the intensity of a fire that burns the last remaining parts of a lost love. 

The song and video are both deeply personal for Norman Alexander, and he says that they send a message. “It gives us the message that everyone has a right to remain sad and express his emotions in a way one wants,” he says, reflecting on his experience and inspiration.

“It is not always others who are wrong, even you can be wrong as well. And if you are wrong, you should ask yourself where you went wrong.”

Although the song addresses moments he went wrong, Norman Alexander is on the right path. He says he’s continuously writing music to share with his fans, and with his first successful music video, they can expect many more. He’s also working on his first summer tour, an EP, and an upcoming project with TedxWaterStreet/NASDAQ with fellow MLife artist Annabel Oreste.

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