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Hair fibers spray for men: We find the one!

Today I will talk about hair loss in men and, I will finally introduce to you my favorite hair fiber spray for men: Haircubed, which is the product that could fix my bald spots the best.

Are there different factors that contribute to hair loss in men?
Several factors can cause hair loss, including androgenetic alopecia (commonly called male pattern baldness).
What is androgenic alopecia?

Androgenic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss. It accounts for nearly 95% of all hair loss in both men and women. Androgenic alopecia is a genetically inherited condition, which can be passed down from a child’s parents or grandparents.

Androgenic alopecia usually begins with visible thinning at the temples and progresses to a progressive receding hairline. Hair loss can become so severe that it results in total baldness.
But it also exists:


If you don’t produce enough of them, such as testosterone or estrogen, your hair growth slows down or stops altogether.


Hair loss in men is sometimes hereditary, and the reason for hair loss can be attributed to specific genes.


Diet and fitness. Eating too much salt and sugar can be bad for your scalp, as can eating too much protein. For example, a common cause of hair loss is inflammation from eating too much red meat. Another common culprit is alcohol consumption, which damages the healthy cells in your scalp and makes them more susceptible to hair loss.
What exactly is the hair fibers spray for men?

Hair fiber spray is used to give a natural look to men’s hair. The hair fiber spray is made from natural materials, so it can be used to get the best experience. The fibers that the spray is made of are of different types, but natural fibers are the best because they are less harmful.
HairCubed offers its hair fiber spray for men!

HairCubed is the only fiber product on the market that offers a 100% waterproof and sweatproof solution for thinning hair or bald areas. HairCubed fibers are made of natural materials designed to resist wind, rain, and perspiration. The fibers uniquely bond to your existing hair, making them virtually undetectable. We have tested our product in extreme conditions with our employees and have received outstanding feedback from our customers around the world.
Its use is very simple and effective:

Step 1:
Dry and style your hair as you would any other day.

Step 2:
Sprinkle or spray fiber on sparse areas for a more complete look.

Step 3:
After spreading the fibers, tap gently to distribute them evenly.

Step 4:
For a polished look, gently comb or style your hair after applying the hair fiber.



The HairCubed’s Microfiber Sealer & Control Ionic Brush is the perfect choice for washed and worn styles or for anyone who wants to seal in their HairCubed look. After applying HairCubed, brush your hair into shape and activate HairCubed’s microfiber fibers by using the hairdryer (on medium heat) and brushing with the Sealing & Control Ionic Brush. Like ceramic curling irons, the ionic bristles help create volume, control flyaways, reduce frizz and add shine. The flexibility of the Sealing & Control Ionic Brush bristles eliminates snags and helps distribute HairCubed evenly throughout the hair for a smooth finish.

If you want to know more about HairCubed do not hesitate to discover their website

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