Blue Quartz Orgonite Om Pyramid With Amethyst Sphere | Girls Mag

Blue Quartz Orgonite Om Pyramid With Amethyst Sphere

When we are unencumbered by the noise in our lives, we can better access our intuition and inner voice. When we listen to our intuition, something magical happens to our lives. We begin making decisions based on the needs our highest self and begin to live in alignment with our power. An orgone pyramid may be just the ticket you need to start relishing in these beautiful frequencies.

Why should I buy an orgone pyramid?

If you are here, you are likely invested in your spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. You understand that there are tools available to use to inspire, realign, and unlock our truest selves. An orgone pyramid is a necessity in any spiritualist’s collection for all the reasons listed above. If you are seeking a divine connection to the source, a natural way to heal, and an effective energetic cleanser, an orgone pyramid is right for you.

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