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What exactly is an eyelash lift?

A lash lift may be compared to a perm for your eyelashes. A lash lift, unlike lash extensions, involves changing the shape and colour of your existing lashes. Most people’s lashes grow outwards rather than upwards. However, according to board-qualified dermatologists, upward developing lashes will offer a more aesthetically appealing look for at least six to eight weeks.

Each lash is boosted and lifted before being tinted for thicker, darker, and longer-looking lashes. Good news? It does not take long to prepare.

How to prepare for an eyelash lifting treatment?

Arrive at your session in a calm mood. Wear a clean face and don’t wear any eye makeup. Wash your eyes thoroughly with soap and water. Suppose you usually apply mascara, especially waterproof mascara. In that case, it’s best to wait at least three days before your appointment since it might create a residue that inhibits your lashes from adhering to the adhesive.”

The Lash Lifting Procedure

There are only three stages to the appointment. 

Silicone pads are first applied to the (closed) eyelids. After that, your lashes are raised, and serum is administered. The first serum breaks down the protein in the lashes. The lashes are molded onto the plate, which “breaks down the lash to begin to form”. 

After that, a keratin-infused repairing serum is applied to start the process of healing and nourishing the lashes. The silicon pads are lifted, and the tint is applied. Finally, the lashes are given a coat of pure keratin, which adds a layer of protein to strengthen and condition them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a lash lift going to hurt my lashes?

If done correctly, eyelash lifting will not harm your lashes. Getting your lashes raised often inspires you to develop longer lashes and better care for them naturally. After each lift, clients should use coconut oil to moisturize their lashes.

Are lash extensions safe?

Yes, in a word. The technique is very safe when done correctly, although possible hazards include skin irritation or reactions to the eyepatches or chemicals applied during the operation.

Also, as a client, check out a specialist’s ratings and before-and-after photos, or ask a trustworthy friend for a referral.

How long will the effects be visible?

A lash lift and tint last about six to eight weeks; while mascara isn’t required to boost your lift, water-based mascaras are the finest choice. Water-resistant eye makeup might dilute the lift’s impact, leave a trace, and make it easier to spoil. Only use makeup removers and cleansers that are oil-free.

A lash lift is a fantastic option if you enjoy your natural lashes and merely want a more wide-eyed look or if you want a more natural look and don’t want to use mascara.