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Wedding Ring Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Bands for your Happily Ever After

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Planning and organizing a wedding is no easy feat. There are many things to keep track of and consider like venues, décor, dresses, catering, guest list, seating, and gifts registry. However, perhaps the most important yet underrated part of a wedding is the wedding rings. Wedding rings are a classic way to tie off a marriage ceremony as they symbolize commitment and unity. 

There are countless ring styles and designs available in the market for you to choose from. And if you want something more unique, then you can opt for custom-designed bands instead of pre-designed ones. However, choosing wedding bands that they will wear for the rest of their days can easily become overwhelming for couples due to the multitude of options available. Thus, before you start looking for the perfect wedding bands, here’s a guide to making the process easy and hassle-free.

Start Early

Finding the perfect rings can be time-consuming if you and your partner are picky and are looking for something distinctive. So don’t wait till the end of your wedding shopping. Start searching early to find the perfect rings that suit your taste and preferences.

Know your Budget

Setting a budget is imperative before doing any kind of shopping, and wedding ring shopping is no exception. Setting a budget for the wedding rings will help you narrow down your choices to make the process easier and quicker. After all, not every couple can afford expensive rings with diamonds large enough to be visible from space, so why waste time drooling over rings you can never have? However, before we move on, let’s make one thing very clear, spending a limited amount does not mean you have to compromise on the look or quality of the rings. There are plenty of affordable wedding bands by Dreamland Jewelry that you can check out. We’re sure you will find at least a few that will meet your taste and expectations. 

Look at your Lifestyle

Before choosing the perfect ring, think about your lifestyle so you can buy accordingly. For example, if you hit the gym regularly or do manual labor, consider buying a simple wedding band. Simple wedding bands are a more practical choice than intricately designed stone-set rings as they are durable, long-lasting and do not crack under pressure.  

Take Inspiration from your Engagement Ring

You might be considering wearing your engagement and wedding rings on the same finger. If so, consider buying wedding bands that match your engagement ring. Buying wedding bands that compliment your engagement ring will make your fingers pop by giving them a plush and stylish look. 

Ring Style

An essential step in picking out wedding rings is choosing the style of the bands. There are various ring styles you can choose from, including plain, stone-set, half-rounded and twisted. You can select any style you like or can even opt for a fancy wedding ring that is an amalgamation of different styles. 

Choose your Metal

While the choice of metal for wedding bands is rather limited, it is still a crucial decision as the metal will be the base of your ring. You can also use two metals in one ring for a distinct look. Silver, gold, and platinum are commonly used metals for wedding rings. And within gold, there are three varieties you can choose from: white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Platinum is a bit expensive, which is why many people prefer silver, which offers a similar subtle sparkle to their fingers. However, nothing is perfect, so while silver is cheaper, it also requires polishing every few years as silver can darken or blacken due to oxidization or tarnish.  


If you want a stone-set ring, there is a wide variety of gemstones you can choose from. The classic and popular choice is diamonds. However, you can add symbolism in the rings by using each other’s birthstones. 

Ring Proportions

Ring proportions include ring size, ring thickness and bandwidth. Ring size is the diameter of your finger, ring thickness is how chunky the band is, and bandwidth is the area the ring will cover on your finger. These proportions not only affect the look of your ring but also how heavy it might feel on the finger. Furthermore, getting all the proportions right will ensure that the ring fits snugly on your finger, so there is no chance of it getting lost. 

Finish and Other Optional Embellishments

You can choose a ring with a particular finish depending on your preference. Some finish textures include matte, polish, brush, and satin finish. Keep in mind that the finish can wear off after some time, so you will need to take it back to the jewelers for a reapplication. Also, you can get inscriptions like dates, initials, small messages, or other embellishments engraved on the wedding bands for a personal touch. 


Choosing your wedding ring doesn’t have to be confusing, overwhelming, and difficult. With so many styles and varieties to choose from, there is no limit to what you can have. So don’t hesitate to throw around ideas and designs until you hit your jackpot and find the rings of your dreams.