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The Importance of Pool Pump Noise Reduction

Temperatures have largely exceeded 30 degrees Celsius. Summer is the time of year that almost everyone looks forward to. What people don’t like is the excessive heat and the hot days spent under the air conditioner. There are other ways to cool down, and one of the favorites is a swimming pool.

If you have one or plan to afford it soon, consider yourself lucky. There are many models and sizes available on the market; you just have to find the one fitting your space and budget. And if you think of building an in-ground pool (check some DIY ideas on this page) or buying a large inflatable model, there are some additional things to consider.

These pools require plenty of water. You can’t fill larger swimming areas with water every time you need refreshment. You have to think of getting the filtration systems, water pumps, and other essentials that make a pool an enjoyable part of your home.

Pool pumps are an integral part of the swimming pools. Yet, they can be incredibly noisy, and that loud sounds can spoil your entire experience. To prevent this from happening, you must replace the noisemaker. The solution is to get a water purification device with a built-in noise reduction system.

Purpose of Water Pump


In addition to the filter, a pool pump is a necessary device for water purification. It pushes the water through the filter and, after that, back into the pool. During warm days, this device works all the time during daylight. You can set the periods of activity and breaks on the timer. For example, you can set the time during the night when the device can be turned off because the pool is not in use.

Most of the models on the market today are based on more modern technology. These devices usually contain a pre-filter. It serves to keep dirt, such as leaves or hair, from reaching the inside of the appliance. Bulkier debris can clog the pump and break it. This additional level of water purification extends the life of this device. It reduces the need for further repairs in addition to regular servicing.

Things Everyone Must Know Before Buying a New Water Pump


Buying a new filtration device requires at least a bit of knowledge on the subject. The technologies used in pool pumps are updating continuously, so it is best to talk to an expert. Whether you are buying a pump for the first time or replacing an old model, you need to know some basic things.

Energy Efficiency


The importance of rational use of energy has been discussed for decades. As far as your household is concerned, the purchase of energy-efficient appliances can bring significant savings on a monthly and annual basis. You should also think of this feature when buying a filtration device.

The new models consume almost twice as less much energy as the older devices. With some new models, this saving is even more significant. When looking to buy a new pool pump, always watch higher energy class models. Energy efficiency is one of the essential bargaining chips.

On the following source, read about reasons why buying energy-efficient filtration device is worth every cent:

Pump Power


The device’s strength is another crucial thing to look at when searching for a water pump. The higher the power rating, the better. Every device needs enough power to clean and heat the pool. You should buy the appliance compatible with your pool. The volume of the pool determines the power of the purification system. Also, another critical factor is the height difference between the pump and the surface of the water.


Noise Reduction


As long as you use the pool, the pump runs. Due to the mechanism of operation, the device produces vibrations and transmits them to the environment. Usually, the surrounding surfaces absorb these vibrations, and then there are no problems.

The new models are made with specialized noise insulation materials. The modern mechanisms used in them make sound waves of lower intensity. Fewer vibrations mean the device will last longer. Make sure to find the matching pipes for your pool rather than the most powerful ones. Tubes that fit correctly will produce less noise.

Speed Options


A lot of new pumps come with a variety of speed options. Having speed options is great because it allows these devices to purify the water much faster and easier than they could’ve many years ago. Different speed settings are fantastic for various cleaning purposes. So, you must consider this perk when you’re on a hunt for a new water pump.

New Pumps are More Durable

If you had a pool for a long time, you probably remember the pumps used many years ago. They were made to perform their primary job, and that was all. Back then, people didn’t think much about how long these devices will last. They also didn’t care how much damage vibrations will make.

Sound waves create noise, and that is not the only problem they can cause. Constant noise threatens the device’s structure and function. The looser it gets, the louder the noise will be. Vibrating all the time can cause many malfunctions of this device. On the other hand, new models are built from advanced materials, and they’re more durable than old appliances.

It’s important to note that both old and new water pumps work in the same way and are made for the same purpose. However, new models are much more advanced than the old ones in terms of durability, use of eco-friendly materials, soundproof casing, etc. All these benefits can significantly improve the overall experience for the users by far.

Additional Perks


Most of the modern filtration systems for pools are expensive, but they provide many benefits. Some of the most popular models offer advantages in terms of easier setup and maintenance. In case you have the necessary DIY skills, you can install the pump without paying someone to do that for you. Just adhere to the instructions from the manual.

New pool pumps are designed to work quietly. But you can make them even quieter. Get compatible noise insulation materials and try to diminish the noise. You might need to use them on the entire filtration system. You can see more details about newer and quieter systems on

Another benefit of replacing the old device with a new model is the warranty. Most manufacturers give a three-year warranty, which includes free repairs and maintenance. Some brands offer extensions of this period. You will get these benefits only if you use the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If uncertified technicians tried to repair the system, or you tried to fix it on your own, you lose the warranty.


A quiet, relaxed atmosphere will make your time by the pool much more enjoyable. A pool pump that runs smoothly won’t bother anyone. By buying one of these, you’ll secure that both you and your family enjoy bathing or sunbathing by the pool. When there’s no humming noise coming from the pump, you can relax and ‘reset.’ Spending a pleasant afternoon in the backyard or terrace can do wonders for your body and mind.