Let’s meet a talented actor & producer Adam Horner | Girls Mag

Let’s meet a talented actor & producer Adam Horner

Actor & producer Adam Horner has been doing some exciting projects. So we have interviewed him in our entertainment section today as he the kind of talent we always admire and appreciate.

Girls Mag Team : Hi from where you have learned acting ?

Adam Horner : I went to A LOT of acting classes growing up. I feel like of all of those however, I have to credit the Lesly Kahn Company, Patrick Day from Young Actors Space, UCLA school of Theatre Film and Television and David Sullivan, who is an actor who was teacher at John Rosenfeld studios at the time. They all we’re the people that really taught me to act.

Girls Mag Team : Is there anyone who inspires you?

Adam Horner : My business partners inspire me every day. Most of the people I am lucky to work with are way more experienced than I am, so them and my parents and my biggest inspiration.

Girls Mag Team : You are acting in a couple of your upcoming projects. ?

Adam Horner : Yes! I’m in the Last Exorcist starring opposite Danny Trejo, Coven starring opposite Emmy Nominated Teri Ivens and in the upcoming feature Smokers opposite Costas and Louis Mandylor!

Girls Mag Team : Apart from acting and producing, you are also involved with commercials and music videos, How do you manage all this?

Adam Horner : The production team that I am a part of like I say are very experienced, and with that comes efficiency, which is how we’ve been able to cope with being so busy!

Girls Mag Team : What has been your biggest takeaway or lesson learned from your experience in the film and TV industries?

Adam Horner : Persistence, hardwork but overall trusting your gut with everything. I think that’s the biggest one.

Girls Mag Team : I’m just going to end with this final Girls Mag Team. Do you have any upcoming projects that we should be keeping our eyes out for?

Adam Horner :Yes! We have a project that will be shooting in Chicago which I am very excited about. It’s an action project and we have a couple of A List actors attached. So I can’t wait to get stuck into that!