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The 3 best waxmelts or aromatherapy candle combos. and where to get them

Hi I’m Bethany Estelle AKA ‘Bumble’ manager of the Wellness Wax Company!

I am just here to share with you the latest about my successful research and new products on what’s hot and what’s not in the waxmely industry..Sooooo let’s see what the movers and shakers are with soy waxmelts.!

But first a bit about the latest with the business of getting waxmelts to my customers!

Candles all tucked up ready for their new home 😍

So I have decided to change my packaging slightly! Instead of shredded cardboard.. ’ve decided to start using biodegradable/dissolvable packing ‘peanuts’ 😁 These peanuts are 100% plant based (usually corn starch) 🌱 so will biodegrade quickly OR you can do the fun thing and dissolve them with water in your sink! 💦 No toxins are added to them so nothing harmful will be going down your plug hole!

More economical, sustainable and practical than using cardboard! 🌿🌿

Think Eco! 🍃🤩

Next.. I wanted to take the time to introduce you to the ingredients I use for my candles and wax melts.. so you know exactly what you’re getting! 😁

Not only are my essential oils PURE but they are also 100% NATURAL 🍃 ORGANIC 🌿 VEGAN FRIENDLY 🌸 GMP APPROVED ⭐️

My soy wax is also 100% NATURAL 🍃 ORGANIC 🌱 VEGAN FRIENDLY 🌼

My wicks are ECO wicks which are made of intertwined cotton and paper and 100% NATURAL 🍃 ORGANIC 🌿 VEGAN FRIENDLY 🌺

Any dried petals and flowers i use for combinations are.. you guessed it! 100% NATURAL 🍃 ORGANIC 🌱 VEGAN FRIENDLY 🌻

That’s it! No additives, no toxins, no nasties! 100% as nature intended and full off wellness aromatherapy benefits and handmade with 100% LOVE 💜

Waxmelt Number One:

Lavender, Sandalwood and Geranium 💜

Possibly my new fave combo! Two strong floral notes combined and rounded off with the sweet, woody and warming scent of sandalwood 🌸

Available in the form of wax melts, or as a ‘Special Collection’ vintage style glass jar candle from the triple oil collection  ..this combination can also be found in my newly launched ‘Hug in a Box’ wax melt gift boxes 😍 this scent is in the ‘Sweet Dreams’ mood collection box 💫

I’m going to start a new feature.. ‘scent of the day’ and today folks, this is the one! So many wellness aromatherapy benefits as well as a glorious scent to fill your home 🌸

🌱 Made with 100% organic, natural and sustainable ingredients
🌱 Vegan and eco friendly
🌱 Only soy wax and pure premium essential oils used, with a dusting of dried lavender flowers.. nothing else! No nasties!

Waxmelt (or if you prefer candles) Number Two

The satisfaction of candle making is second to none 😍

Here we have Sweet Orange and Neroli, with organic dried orange blossom petals 🍊and Eucalyptus and Lemongrass, infused with organic dried lemongrass and eucalyptus leaves 🍃 i have included a couple of slides showing the wealth of aromatherapy benefits these two combinations hold!

These two beauties smell lush! They have both set and had time to cure.. so today they are going to be en route in the post to their new owners

Waxmelt Number 3:

All the good smells in my kitchen today! Making special collection candles to complete a few orders 💜 these two are..

🌸 Lavender, Frankincense and Patchouli

Handpoured as candles too!

🍊 Sweet Orange, Frankincense and Clary Sage

I love these because not only do they have a long 30+ hours of wellness burn time but the 300ml containers can be reused in your home for whatever you please 😍 (these candles still need to be ‘topped’ to ensure the perfect finish.. so they are not 100% full yet!)

My special collection candles are part of my ‘three oil’ combination collection 🌼 a range of pure, premium organic essential oil combos which go together perfectly well, not only in scent but for a wealth of wellness benefits too!

Once your candle has reached the end of its life.. these vintage style ribbed glass jars with lids are perfect for bathroom bits such as cotton wool, cotton buds or maybe you could use for your make up brushes! Or if you love it as a candle.. pop a tea light in the bottom and enjoy 🥰

Remember shop bought tea lights are usually paraffin based, these release toxins into the air when burned 😣 so try to source soy wax tea lights, they’re eco friendly and burn cleanly! 🌱 I will be stocking my own soy tea lights in the near future 🤩

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Thanks Bumble