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Getting Scalp Micropigmentation Done in Chicago

Scalp Micropigmentation or hair tattooing, can give you a full head of hair where you are lacking or thinning out. It is so effective that you can’t make out the difference between the pigmenting and your hair. Both men and women use this popular option for various reasons and they have seen very successful results from it.

If you’re in Chicago, this is as common as going to the hair salon to get your hair colored or cut. Many specialized clinics deal with this service and at a much lesser cost than other cosmetic procedures. Further information about this can be found on this recommended site.

It is slightly different in methodology than say for instance microblading, as this uses pigment on the scalp using an electrical device that looks very similar to what tattoo artists use to ink tattoos on our skin.

The Process of Micropigmentation (SMP)

This is a non-surgical procedure that anyone of the appropriate age can get done. The process involves a similar device as a tattoo gun to place ink onto the scalp in fine dots, uniformly in a line, to replicate the existing hair follicles on your head.

The idea behind it is to create the impression of real hair on the head, almost like a freshly shaven look when you use a shaver.

  1. It is used for many reasons, some of which include:
  2. People who have cancer and going through chemotherapy can get it done
  3. Both female and male pattern baldness
  4. Those that may have alopecia or psoriasis
  5. People who have thinning hair

If you’re wondering if it hurts, the simplest response to that is, it will depend on the person and the area to be treated. The practitioner does apply a numbing cream on to the area before doing any work, this helps remove most of the pain and can help you to feel nothing at all, but with some more sensitive people, they may feel some discomfort during the practice.

This option is not meant to help you grow your hair back but rather to camouflage it so that your hair loss is not apparent to other people.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Making Your Decision

Because this is a permanent solution it needs to be well-thought about and your decision needs to be made having looked at both the pros and cons. Things such as knowing that this is a permanent solution however over time it will fade slightly, just like normal tattoos on the skin do, with exposure to the sun, water, soap, for instance.

You will need to schedule a regular touch up sessions every couple of years, especially if there is any indication of the ink fading out. Even though the procedure itself is like tattooing, everything else about it different. Let’s look at a few of these differences below.

Let’s start with the equipment the practitioner uses. This gun, uses much smaller needles than a tattoo device would have It is designed specifically for the scalp, keeping in mind that the scalp is much more sensitive and needs more detailed work. In terms of the amount of ink it deposits, it is also far less than its counterpart.

The difference in the type of ink is also apparent. It has been custom made for this reason, and cannot be used on the rest of the body. This ink does not have colorants or dyes, but rather it is diluted to match the person’s natural hair color and does not alter with time.

The technique as well is different. Body inking uses a device to create various widths of lines including various shading techniques to fill in negative spaces. SMP uses the technique of placing minute dots of ink or pigment, into the skins middle layer i.e. the dermal layer. These look exactly like actual hair follicles when looked at closely.

There is no one-size-fits-all, so one would need to book a few sessions to get this completed. Sometimes two to three sessions are enough, on average, and are typically scheduled a couple of weeks apart. The number of sessions needed will need to be discussed during the consultation with the practitioner, as it will depend on the skin color, the hair color, and how well the pigment will sit on their head, and if they may be tricky areas to treat.

The Length of Time Will Depend On A Few Things

It is also best to make sure you have the time set aside for it, as it can take anywhere between 4 to 5 hours per scalp micropigmentation clinic in Chicago. After the initial consultation, the professional will let you know whether you are a suitable candidate for it or not.

In Chicago, you can get a treatment done anywhere between $400 and $1000, but as you can imagine, the more areas you need to get treated the more costly it will be, almost on a sliding scale. Some people have found the effects have lasted them up to eight years. You can try and keep out of the sun for long periods, but when your skin naturally exfoliates itself once every couple of months, it will face slightly.

Once you’ve decided at this is what you want to get done, and unsure about how to decide where to go. It can get very overwhelming to see so many practices offering it, so below are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a place.

  1. They must have a legal licenses practice with a certification in SMP training
  2. Their license should be displayed as per the state requirements
  3. They must also have a pathogens license
  4. When you visit them for an initial consultation, look around to see the state of cleanliness in the practice
  5. They must also carry or display a county health permit in their business
  6. The premises must be sterilized
  7. Health and safety are essential and they need to make sure to open a new needle from its original packaging, Infront of you
  8. The person doing the procedure must always wear nitrile gloves, guards, a mask, and a barrier tape.

In some states this service is included in the same services as body tattooing, piercing permanent makeup. Although a tattoo place should not be offering the service and if it does, you need to avoid it.