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Nootropics, the true “smart supplements”

The nootropics are not only popular for cognitive enhancement and intelligence, are also popular in bodybuilding and fitness, because the sport we love is highly competitive, so individuals need to be in great shape, while maintaining mental focus, which gives them an advantage in any competition.

This is seen not only on stage, but also in hundreds of gyms across the peninsula, before regular workouts. People who go to the gym take nootropics to help them achieve their goals acheter testosterone steroide, and while they are known as “smart drugs,” they provide many other benefits within the training plan.

The benefits of nootropics in training

Athletes need not only to focus on their physical health and performance, but also their mental capacity; When nootropics are taken , they influence various neurotransmitters, allowing the brain to communicate more effectively with the rest of your body.

The most commonly directed neurotransmitter is acetylcholine, since it is responsible for learning and memory; Although commonly used to increase cognition, Acetylcholine can also improve muscle control and balance. The healthier the brain, the faster the reflexes and the greater the muscular resistance.

The nootropics can help you have a better memory, making it easier daily routine, from tracking dietary records, maintain clarity in work activity or school while training plan is followed; creatine, omega-3s and choline are the best-acting supplements in this field.

The nootropics improve mental focus: Most likely resort to caffeine, a popular nootropic to improve focus and attention, although some evidence suggests that ingesting a cocktail of nootropic supplements can prevent the decrease in reaction time usually associated with strenuous training.

The nootropics reduce fatigue by blocking receptors him in the Cebrero or by providing more efficient energy production. By reducing fatigue, you can work more efficiently; Among those that work best is creatine and rhodiola rosea, which are two effective compounds for this purpose.

The nootropics respond to stress by combating cortisol is the result of hard training; At this point, a compound called phosphatidylserine can break down the cortisol response, preserving muscles that are hard to accumulate.

Among the best supplements, we find;

  • L-theanine, 100 mg per day, to reduce stress levels
  • Caffeine, 50 mg per day, for focus and mood
  • Phosphatidylserine, 200-600 mg per day, for cognitive function
  • La Colina, 200-300 mg per day, for memory
  • Creatine, 5 g per day, improves memory and reasoning
  • Huperzine A, 100 mcg per day, improves learning skills
  • Bacopa monniera, 300 mg per day, provides more focus and less anxiety
  • Rhodiola rosea, 350 mg per day, enhances mood
  • Asian Ginseng, 100 mg per day, for focus and mood

The nootropic field is a flourishing field, and as such there are few well-controlled clinical trials. Although it is true that some of the science has focused on animal models, there are still some important points to address; For all those who train from the intermediate, advanced or professional levels, the use of a nootropic supplement, a “smart supplement” is essential to break fatigue and improve performance, because performance depends on the mind-muscle connection and it depends of an additional boost.