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Must-Have Scrub Suit Tops for Women this 2020

The majority of medical health workers such as doctors and nurses prefer wearing scrub suits as their hospital uniforms and for a good reason. Scrub suits are comfortable, offer functionality, and stylish. Some hospitals set regulations regarding scrub suits, while some allow health care workers to wear whatever scrubs they want.

Nowadays, there is no shortage of scrub suit tops in the market for women. However, because of a myriad of choices, this may lead to some confusion. If you are currently in the market searching for scrub tops such as Grey’s anatomy women’s scrubs, then read on the must-have tops for women this 2020.


Grey’s Anatomy Marquis V-Neck Top

If you are a fan of stylish scrub suits, then the Marquis V-Neck top could be the right choice for you. This scrub suit has front and back seams that will make a perfect fit to the contour of your body, which is favorable since it will have a slimming effect that will make you look more appealing.

Although this particular scrub suit top is considered a slim fit, it is still one of the most comfortable tops you can wear. It is because it is made up of 77% polyester and 23% rayon, giving you that cottony feel and lightness.


Grey’s Anatomy Active Modern Fit

If design and aesthetics are your top priority when looking for a scrub suit top, then the active modern fit scrub is probably your best choice. This scrub suit top features a tri-color combination, which includes colors such as sweet violet, steel gray, and moonstruck, to name a few. It offers a color-block contrast for that modern aesthetic look.

Although this top is one of the most aesthetically pleasing Grey’s anatomy women’s scrubs, don’t think for a second that it lacks functionality. This scrub suit top offers two patch pockets with pen slots at the lower portion, and an added pocket on the outside of the left patch for more of your medical items.


Grey’s Anatomy Modern Fit Mock

If functionality and durability are of utmost importance for your preference, the modern fit mock is the undeniable choice. This scrub suit top offers two front patch pockets that give easy access to your medical items. Much like the active modern fit, this top also provides an extra pocket, a hidden pen slot.

The modern fit mock has an empire seam and back tabs that can be adjusted to your liking, which means you can loosen or tighten it. This feature is beneficial to allow more movement that’s free from constraint when moving around the workplace.

This scrub suit top is made from polyester fabric, which is beneficial, especially for health workers. Polyester is known to be resistant to water and other forms of liquids, according to Noliju. This means you don’t have to worry about spilling on your scrub suit with different types of fluids because it won’t absorb it that much.

Another benefit of the modern fit mock is it features moisture-wicking and soil release. This means it can easily remove perspiration; so, you don’t have to worry about smelling and looking sweaty.

The scrub suits mentioned above are, without a doubt, the best tops for functionality, style, and aesthetic design. You can never go wrong in choosing any of them as your outfit for your hospital duties.