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How girls can decorate drawing room walls

A home is decorated with care and love that makes it feel personal and comfortable for the entire family. Pakistani households have rooms dedicated for TV watching called a family lounge, food is had in the dining room and bedrooms are designated for sleeping. An important addition to this is the drawing-room that is not used often by the family but kept prim and proper for guests visiting the family.

These rooms are usually large with a capacity to seat anywhere between 6 to 15 people at a time depending on the size of your home. Drawing rooms have carefully curated curtains, wall paint, flooring and lights that make the sofa set’s fancy upholstery look expensive and stylish. There are coffee tables and side tables where lamps are placed to create sophisticated mood lighting with beautifully decorated holders and lampshades.

To create a unique personalised space, there are several different kinds of decoration pieces to add to the walls of the drawing-room. To create the perfect lighting, there are porcelain, glass, aluminium, gold and wooden light fixtures to choose to place LED and energy-saving bulbs.

The Smart Home Appliances by Xiaomi including Yeelights, LED strips, desk lamps and standing lamps that can be controlled using a mobile application. Phillips also offers smart bulbs that have an infinite choice of colours to create various lighting settings that can be changed to suit the occasion.

Those who love artwork pieces hanging on their drawing room walls will want to invest in a series of paintings, wood carving, ceramic plates, bronze or copper welded trays that can have calligraphy or traditional regional techniques in creating ethnic patterns and motifs. A beloved choice is the Loh e Qurani works that are thought to bring peace into the home.

Even if you do not believe in their spiritual power the value of these 29 letters is that it attempts to mirror the 29 chapters in the Holy Quran. The Loh e Qurani pieces are available in many different artistic interpretations in hopes to bring positivity to every Muslim who sees them in their home.

There are various kinds of woven tapestries available that have landscapes, animals or geometrical designs that can be hung on the wall. The embroidery thread work is also a popular decoration to hang on the wall as there are many floral designs used in these pieces.

A good idea to make space look more open and opulent is using wooden mirrors finished with gold and silver paint or edging. A large mirror can be used above a fireplace or table console to create a feature wall in the drawing-room. The console tables are a great place to place objects and crystal vases. Artificial flowers are also a great choice to add colour and sophistication to the room.

Floor cushions can feel rustic and bring comfort to a drawing-room making it feel the atmosphere more relaxed. Smaller cushions are used to decorate sofas that are too plain in colour. They can be used to build layers of colour that compliment or contrast with the decorations on the walls.

Drawing rooms are created to make guests feel welcomed and present the best hospitality possible. By using Mughal or Persian miniature paintings is also a great way to bring the royal courtyard into the drawing-room space. The feeling of being treated like royalty is part of the charm and design of drawing rooms in Pakistan, as guests are considered a blessing for the family.