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Oud – A Rich Ingredient in the Royal Fragrance Perfume

For centuries, Oud has been prized for its smoky and rich aroma. As an ingredient, it dominates the category of royal fragrance perfume loved by everyone. It is also the rarest component in the perfumery.

The olfactory profile of this compound is seductive and woody. It can range from sweet to earthy tones with notes of spices and leather. Before you buy a royal fragrance infused with Oud, here are a few things to know about this ingredient.

Extraction of Oud

Oud is extracted from the trees of Aquilaria. When a specific type of mold contaminates these trees, the tree rejects this contamination by producing resin. The wood remains unaffected, and the resinous core of the wood transforms from odorless to aromatic.

This process hinders the mold growth, and the infection goes from the trunk to the roots. The pieces of the infected trunk are then cut into smaller flakes to extract their resin. The farmers immerse these flakes into the water for several days. Later on, they extract the resin to obtain the oils. The end product is an essential oil having a deep and woody aroma.

Due to its extensive extraction method and rarity, Oud is costlier than gold. No wonder, it is also known as ‘liquid gold’ due to its incredible depth and composition.

Use of Oud in Fragrances

In the form of perfume, Oud not only lasts longer on the skin but also holds other fragrances as an excellent fixative. The unique smell and exotic aroma of Oud also make it a preferred ingredient in the palette of western perfumery.

When you are looking for a bold and robust fragrance that enhances your individuality, choose a royal fragrance perfume infused with Oud.

What Makes Oud an Incredible Ingredient?

The superiority of Oud depends on the process of extraction and species of trees that produce its resin. The rich and charming strength of Oud wood is also mixed with floral notes. Hence, it evokes a perfect combination of luxury and inimitability in perfume. However, the superiority of this ingredient depends on several other factors as well. They include:

Oil Content

During the fumigation, Oud exhibits its oil content as soon as the resin touches the coal in a burner. The oil oozing out from the Oud chips is graded by the amount of resin it carries. Well-cultivated chips do not have a rich oil content during fumigation, whereas the wild Oud is much more luxurious and has a superior oil content.

Weight of the Chips

The chips of wild Oud are heavier in weight, and they are incredibly dense as well. The cultivated chips, on the other hand, are hollow and lightweight due to which the discerning perfume makers reject them for the fumigation process.

Exceptional Fragrance 

The natural wild Oud has a rich scent profile. It is unmatched and full of depth with several notes to suit every preference. Unlike glazed varieties, the pure perfumes do not have an artificial aroma enhanced by low-grade diluted oils.

When you are looking for an exclusive and luxuriant royal fragrance, buy a perfume infused with the best variety of Oud.