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How to Wear a Baseball Cap

There was a point in time when caps were seen most often at sports events, especially baseball games. However, times have changed, and now these caps are being used as fashion accessories. They can be found everywhere, from sporting events to people in business attire heading to work. By wearing animal hats, you can make a statement about what you support and your beliefs.

When it comes to wearing caps, you need to make sure you are doing it right. If you don’t, you’ll still be making a statement, but it may not be the one you intend to make.


Find the Right Fit

There are many styles of caps in this world, including snapbacks, fitted, and strapbacks, among others. No matter which one you decide to wear, you need to make sure it fits you correctly. This means that it shouldn’t be too big. If it is, it won’t sit right on your head and may fall into your eyes and press down on your ears. It may also fall off your head when you move.

It also shouldn’t be too tight. This can be incredibly uncomfortable and give you a headache. You’ll know a hat is too tight if it sits too high on your head or leaves indentations or red marks on your forehead when you take it off.

A hat that fits just right will be snug but never uncomfortable.


Never Put it on Backwards

Sure, this may have been the style at one point in time, but it’s not how caps are worn anymore. It defeats the entire purpose of wearing one in the first place. The bill is there to protect your eyes from the sun, but if you have it on backwards, it’s not doing its job – and you will look silly. Wearing it sideways is also a no-no.


Get the Right Material

Caps are constructed in a variety of different ways, including having a mesh back or having a solid back made from cotton or other materials. If you are looking for a hat that will keep you cool on hot days, then you’ll want to consider wearing hats made with breathable fabrics or that have a mesh back.

If the day is chillier and you are looking to stay warm, then a cap without a mesh back or a beanie is a great option to add some style and heat to your outfit. You can also find caps made from wool or suede that will keep you warm when it gets chilly outside.


Keep it Clean

This might seem like a silly thing to mention, but you would be surprised at the number of people who don’t take the time to clean their caps. For some, they might think that keeping it dirty will bring good luck, while others may not know how to accomplish that task. No matter the reason, a dirty hat is unappealing. If you have animal hats to support a worthy cause, keeping them clean means that more people will notice what you are wearing and may even ask about its significance.

Baseball caps have expanded from the world of sports into everyday fashion. They are also still beneficial items to wear to the beach or for hiking or other outdoor activities, but they can also be used to make a statement and show your support for a cause. If you are incorporating a cap in your everyday wear, make sure to do it right.