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A WOMAN’S PURSE The ‘Secret Sauce’ To Getting Organized!

Okay, brrreeeaathh….

We know!  Inside your purse is a big mess!!

‘That mess’ – are your personal possessions that you take with you everywhere you go, but always struggle to find what you need easily, hence those famous words from women everywhere…

‘Where Is It?”.

Or, if your in a real hurry…..”where the HELL is it?”

Where the hell is it?  I can never find what I am looking for amongst all the crap in here!

Now, we woman absolutely love a really, really nice purse.

It’s a reflection of just how stylish we are, right?

We sport it around on our shoulder and it looks beautiful, especially when it’s brand new, and an expensive designer brand!

While the purse itself looks amazing and the compliments keep rolling in on just how beautiful it is (and we love that!), we don’t really think too much about functionality and the most efficient way to use them to their full potential….and to keep our sanity at the same time!

We simply get caught up with the latest fashion trends, and that trendy ‘outside’ look of the purse, but the reality is, we just toss everything in, and off we go.

Then, when we open our purses to get something out, it looks like a bomb went off in there!  Nothing is organized, nor easy to access, and we find ourselves rummaging around for something that is ALWAYS buried at the very bottom of the bag!

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The purpose of the woman’s purse shouldn’t be to just look good on the outside and keep everything inside safe, but everything should also be organized, neat and easy to access.   It needs to be really functional.

You want to be able to SEE EVERYTHING at first glance when you open up your purse and just grab it, not just see the stuff at the top, right?

Designers design bags that are very standard because every woman needs to accommodate for various sized items which are always changing, depending on where she is going and what she needs to take with her.

But on a day-to-day basis, when the same ‘standard’ stuff goes in and out of our purses, one thing that does help is being organized!

Organize the basic items in your purse!

So, what if there was something you could use INSIDE your purse that does just that – keep your purse fully organized, which allows you to see everything at first glance and stay super neat & tidy!

Dream right?

Well actually, no, it’s not.

There is a way to stay organized and I actually found something that does this and works brilliantly!

It’s a purse organizer/insert!

The objective of any purse organizer/insert is to sit it inside your purse, so it holds everything in an ‘upright’ position, so you can easily access and actually see everything in your bag – it’s brilliant!

Now, there are a few different ones out there, but they aren’t all the same…..believe me!

Some are made of felt and if the felt marks or gets dirty, it can’t be cleaned, because the felt fabric becomes distorted once any type of liquid (water) comes into contact with it, so that’s out.

And there are others that are made from nylon, but are very flimsy and just don’t have any strength, especially when filled with content.  They collapse quickly once filled. In fact, mine just became part of the ‘mess’ at the bottom of my bag because it was that flimsy! It just couldn’t hold the contents at all.

But there is one I found that is free standing and strong enough to stand everything in your purse upright.

This one has large pockets on the inside and outside, so it allows you to have a ‘home’ for everything AND the bonus is when you want to swap purses, you just grab the handles of your insert, pick the whole thing up and move the whole thing, and all it’s contents, into another purse!!


No need to take everything out one at a time when swapping bags!!!   Now you can use a different bag every few days, without the laborious task of moving everything out one at a time!

I found this organizer to be a really functional piece and it also looks really stylish too and is very affordable, compared to some.

I think it’s the ‘secret sauce’ that every stylish woman’s purse needs, because it makes ‘purse life’ so, so, so much easier.

It fit all my belongings in easily and the inside pockets also have a gold trim around the top edges, so they can be seen easily, and they stand out against the black lining inside.  A very functional piece indeed!

Only for the fashionista!

Interested in knowing more about getting one of these purse organizers to try for yourself?

It’s available from Amazon.com and is currently on sale, and in addition to the sale, they are also offering another $5.00 off coupon.

See Amazon Page Here: https://amzn.to/2G9ytdO

They also have a video if you want to check it out:


See More On Purse Organizer/Insert Here: https://amzn.to/2G9ytdO