As challenging as it is, running, is one of the most healthy body exercises. On the other hand, running is still among the most-paying careers in the world of athletics. So I can confidently recommend running for everyone. Research shows that running has been prescribed by cardiologists as an effective way to reduce the chances of getting infected with cardiac diseases. It has worked for many and I don’t think your own case will be exceptional.  As for those who are into workouts, running is still a way to cut weight. In this post, we will discuss the basic running tips for both professionals and novice runners.

  • Be gentle and slow

This will specifically target beginners. If you are new to running, then you have to be gentle and patient with yourself. They say that a thousand miles journey starts with a single step. You do not start running a thousand miles on the first day. It’s wise that you start with a manageable distant and then later increase the running distance gradually. You can at least start with 200 to 300 meters. With time you will get used to longer distances. Or rather, set a manageable running time and just like with the distance, increase it gradually and with the time you will get used to everything.

  • Get the right running shoes

There are certain things that you should get in place before setting off for running. One of these is getting the right running shoes. For instance, if you are a woman and with flat feet, kindly be keen to get yourself the best running shoes for flat feet for women. Be considerate of the type of running and your kind of feet. If you are a man with the same traits, then do get yourself the best running shoes for flat feet for men.

  • Wear the right clothes too

Just like shoes matter a lot in running, clothing also matters quite a lot. You don’t go running with swimming costume or pajamas. Get the right thing respective of what you are doing.  Your clothing should be able to wick-up sweat. Remember running is a heavy activity and requires you to be cool and dry. If you are a woman, get yourself some strong and snug bras to help hold your breast firmly. Running exposes your breasts to excessive bouncing that might harm your breasts tissues.

  • Have a schedule

Having a running schedule for yourself is quite important. This will help you to get your running exercise under control. It will help you not to overdo or underdo the running exercise. Even in learning, it’s recommended that you have your own time-table to help you balance the subjects, otherwise you might end up putting too much energy on one subject and forget about the others. Maybe set apart some hours in a day and dedicate them for your running exercise. It may be in the morning or even in the early evening hours. But morning hours should be the best for running.

  • Set a major goal

I remember when I was getting admitted to secondary school, I was asked to set a grade for myself. Understand and decide on what you really want to gain from your running exercise. Make the goal real and achievable. Let it be not too low or too high. Just set only what you can achieve. This will help to always work hard towards achieving the best. If you are after losing weight, make sure you set the amount of weight you really need to lose. If you want to do running as a career and you really feel it’s your talent and your passion lies in within athletics, kindly set a goal of becoming a global championship in athletics.