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Heal Your Body and Mind On The Mat

Fitness articles can be found in abundance on the internet. The time we live in is such that people often fail to take proper care of their health because several other issues consume their time. However, that does not stop them from reading up on several health issues and the ways to go about dealing with them. Hope is what keeps this body from falling apart. Our busy schedule spares us very little time to join a gym or go swimming every week. We hardly have time to catch a full 8-hour sleep, let alone keeping aside time for exercises. However, if we are to deal with our work stress and live a healthy life, then making any one form of exercise, a part of our life becomes a mandate. While there are plenty of work out plans available, one of the best forms of work out, that not only keeps us in shape and good health but also elevates our mind is yoga.

Yoga is an ancient practice, one which is more spiritual than physical. It finds its roots in Buddhism but is celebrated as a great way to live well all across the globe. Yoga not only corrects your body posture, keeps you in shape, fights various physical health issues, but also keeps your mind sound. Mental Disorders have become a raging issue in this century. We are all prone to psychosis and neurosis, and yoga has proved its worth in abating the symptoms of mental disorders. Thus, slip in those yoga pants, grab the mat and start your process of healing.

Yoga For The Body:

The best time to practise yoga would be early in the morning when the mind is fresh, and your body is recharged after a night’s sleep. Whether you are aiming for toned legs or a healthy heart, yoga has several health benefits up its sleeves.


Yoga improves your core strength, increases muscle tenacity and works wonders for your bones. Start practising light forms of yoga, under the supervision of a certified instructor of course, and then move on to more complex forms. The right combination of yoga postures helps you with your body flexibility, which is as good as swimming. It keeps you in shape, maintains a healthy BMI, and improves body movements. Yoga has always been beneficial in correcting body postures and is known to help deal living with deformities like certain types of flat foot, brittle bones and alignment issues.

Spine Health-

Our spinal cord maintains much of our body’s gravity and weight. Our spinal cord serves more uses than just helping us walk straight. Therefore, it is imperative that we tend to our spine and see to it that it is in good health. Yoga serves that purpose for you. Practising yoga helps in keeping our spine away from various problems.

Bone Health-

Yoga calls for supporting and lifting your own weight with its variety of combinations, which helps in increasing your bone strength. People with brittle bones can seek refuge in yoga and see their bone health improving as time passes by.

Heart Health and Blood Pressure-

The movements that yoga combinations include help in circulating our blood. This further keeps our heart in great health and maintains normal blood pressure. Thus, if you do not want to pop in pills for blood pressure or cardiovascular issues, then start practising yoga.

Boosts Your Immunity-

Several diseases can be avoided and warded off even before they can make home in your body, if you just practicing yoga. This is no exaggeration, but yoga helps in improving your immunity. The immune system stays alert when you make yoga a part of your life. You do not even have to take in pills and supplements to boost your immunity, because yoga does the job for you.

Yoga For The Mind:

Yoga is spiritual. It elevates your mind just as much it elevates your body and improves your health. Psychologists and psychiatrists place their faith in yoga to help their patients come out of the labyrinth of suffering.

Stretch Your Mind-

Yoga opens up new portals that remain locked up for the most part of our lives. There are untapped areas of potential in our minds and practising yoga on a daily basis helps open up those doors. Yoga keeps us alert and makes us aware of our surrounding. It enlightens us in unfathomable ways.

Heal Your Mind-

Psychological disorders dominate this era. Everywhere you see, you will find adults and children being victims to Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety Issues and several others. Yoga heals the mind and alleviates the symptoms of these disorders. It calms agitated nerves, soothes your soul and keeps you whole. To be physically fit, you need to be of a sound mind, and yoga contributes towards keeping your mind sane. We are all inching towards the edge of insanity with every passing day. Work stress takes a toll on our health, and personal relationships are also fraught with issues. Yoga beats stress and helps us stay at peace with ourselves.

The power of yoga cannot be articulated in mere words. You must make yoga a part of your life to be able to witness the changes that it brings along with it. Celebrities practice various forms of yoga for no reason. Therefore, if you look up to them or are their fan, know that your idols have been reaping the benefits of yoga for a long time now. Emma Watson, Jennifer Aniston and many others swear by the benefits of yoga, and it is time that you start practising yoga too. Keep aside at least 30 minutes each day and begin by practising simple poses. However, make sure that you are supervised by a certified yoga instructor, lest things could go awry. Make yoga a part of your busy schedule and feel the surge of positivity gushing through your body and mind. Start the process of healing and make a better life for yourself.