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Qvotr ! It’s like Pinterest, except for words

Quotes are meaningful words. These words can be of some personality, celebrity or someone unknown. As long as it makes you feel something, it is valuable. Sometimes in the hustle of our daily lives, we forget to say meaningful things to the people who are acquainted with us or happen to be a big part of our lives. Moreover, we also forget to be gentle on ourselves and remind ourselves of all the great things we are and how self-love goes alongside loving others. There are times when most of us cannot find the correct words to elaborate on what we feel and what we want. We have stopped telling stories and it brings nostalgia to think that storytelling sessions use to be a very interesting part of every children’s life.

In moments like these when we need the right words for the right times, Qvotr is your best option. It is just like Pinterest, except it gives you all the words that matter. With an immense collection of quotations that fall under different categories and come from philosophy, movies and different aspects of life, Qvotr is your go-to website that knows just what you need. All it takes is for you to look it up in the search bar and you are great to go. It also allows you to share meaningful quotations on different social media websites, mainly associated with Twitter, you can now send deeply felt reminders through words that hold importance with your friends and family at all times.

Qvotr is a website that was made mainly for the value of words and how strong and potent they become if combined together in a very strange but unique way. Qvotr community believes in keeping our readers connected with the world through words and urges them to share the things they are afraid to say out loud. We also have very informative quotations on our website regarding philosophy and famous saying. You can share and save quotes and view them later on your profile as well. Our website allows the readers to share all the quotations they like from different web extensions and save them under categories on Qvotr. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, and countless blog websites over the internet, just save the quote using Qvotr web extension and share them away with just a click.

It is one of the best quote extensions for Chrome out there and helps you collect all the words that you like. If you are looking for a cool website to surf and find something valuable, Qvotr is your best option. The website allows you safe surfing and will always stay accessible at all times. You can also write quotations and have them fearlessly post on our website without anyone judging you. It is basically you, your writings and Qvotr. Feel free to join our website and create a profile that has something important to say, one that knows the importance of valuable quotations just as the creators Qvotr.