6 spring 2019 nail trends to start wearing now | Girls Mag

6 spring 2019 nail trends to start wearing now

Easter Nails

The first set is Easter Nails, inspired by spring. Bunnies, eggs and baskets are icons for Easter and will give also the joy of spring. If you want to enjoy Easter nails without focusing too much on the classic icons then trying polka dots with bright colors are great.

Floral with brave dark

Natural Floral another favorite for spring, it’s perfect and you can add your favorite colors to it. Spring doesn’t have to be all bright or pastel colors but you can choose navy and other dark colors. Ignore the norm about wearing dark shades only in winter month but carry them over to spring.

Bright Happy Nails

Bright Nail art designs scream spring time, you embrace spring and this can go right into summer.  If you want to enjoy the bright colors yellow and green is among the top picks for spring.

Nude Nails

Usually this is not one of my choice but you can achieve lovely nail with this natural color. This is a lovely choice for work or just wanting to have a more natural look but with a nice mani.


Mate Colors are everyone‘s best friend favorite color and style because of its hue quality and amazing effects on the nails. Choosing some colors pink blue will complement each other for a great design finish.

Experiment with art   

It’s spring time, enjoy the nail arts, it’s time to embrace what spring is really about. Don’t be shy experiment nothing is a mistake.