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15 Day Colon Detox Formula- NANO Singapore Wellness Innovation

I have been taking 15 Day Colon Detox from Nano Singapore and it was a wonderful experience.  It has been one of the best decisions I made.

On the first few days I notice that I frequent the toilet more frequently. The flatulence was also horrible. But by the 10th + day, I notice my stomach smaller and I have more energy and no bloated stomach.

I felt that Nano Singapore Colon Detox was getting rid of toxins and items in my colon and small intestines that were irritating my body and making trips to the bathroom not normal. I will definitely continue this cleanse and then buy this product again

NANO Singapore 15 Day Colon Detox formula is made from a blend of naturally occurring compounds that are all beneficial in the colon cleansing process. These compounds include Psyllium powder, Inulin Slippery Elm Bark, Aloe forex powder, Acai berry fruit extract, Ginger root, Chlorella, Papaya fruit powder, 5 % Lycopene and Hyssop leaf extract. This blend is mixed to achieve a very delightful product with flavorful essences. Also, the mixture eliminates the need to consume different supplements everyday due to its rich nutritional profile. Production of the colon Detox Formula is carried out in state-of-the-art facilities that are designed in accordance to global food safety standards. Moreover, the product is certified under various schemes such as GMP, FDA facility registration, Third Party Certification and Non-GMO product certification.

Unlike most food products in the market today, this Colon Detox formula is free from GMO’s and any other artificial ingredients making it all natural and GMO free.

Benefits NANO Singapore’s 15 Day Colon Detox Formula:

  • Detoxifies the body from excess sugars, alcohol, saturated fats and heavy metals.
  • Improves digestion hence reducing stomach bloats
  • Leads to weight loss by reducing sugar cravings
  • Acts as a nutrient booster
  • Keeps the body and mind alert
  • Improves blood circulation hence better sleep quality

The Ultimate Recipe for NANO Singapore’s Colon Cleansing Detox

The ultimate recipe is very and straightforward. Simply sneak in 2 capsules of NANO Singapore’s Detox Formula everyday 20-30 minutes before a meal. This recipe has resulted in a less bloaty, well rested and extremely active me.

How To Consume

Take 2 capsules of NANO Singapore’s Detox Formula with 8 oz. glass of water. However, this dosage can also be as directed by a medical professional. The dosage should never exceed the recommended level. Persons considered to be vulnerable such as children, pregnant women and invalids should ask for professional advice before committing to cleansing their bodies using this formula.

Sensory Appeal

NANO Singapore’s Detox Formula is very appealing to different sensory organs since it is delightful to smell and also has a flavorful taste. The capsules have zero aftertaste and can be popped at any time.

About Singapore

For those that haven’t heard about Singapore. Singapore is a pretty amazing country often called the “Shangri -La of the East” . Singaporeans enjoy one of the highest healthy life expectancy in the world, ahead of the USA, Switzerland, South Korea & Germany (WHO 2017). They are also the happiest country in Asia Pacific since 2015, ahead of Bhutan (UN-World Happiness Report 2017).

Their students has also scored No.1 in Maths and Science in International Education Tests (TIMSS IEA 2016) since 2016,

Where to purchase?

NANO Singapore is currently sold on popular online e-marketplaces in Singapore namely Qoo10, Lazada and Shopee. They also have their own website at www.nanosingaporeshop.com

This website can also offer more information about the product. Be prepared for a fun ride through your detoxing journey with NANO Singapore’s 15 Day Detox Formula. The formula is a guaranteed to get your money’s worth.