Having clear skin can boost your confidence | Girls Mag

Having clear skin can boost your confidence

However, as your skin is always exposed to the elements, you must do so many things to ensure your skin is in top condition.

If you’re looking for a simultaneous solution to blackheads, fine lines, and uneven skin tone, try microdermabrasion. Though the procedure is effective and safe, one treatment course is costly.

For being practical, why not do microdermabrasion yourself. With our Blackhead Vacuum Remover, reap the benefits without breaking the bank!

While it’s smaller than the actual derma machine, it helps address your skin woes, largely due to its 4 changeable heads.

To remove dead skin cells, use the Microcrystal Exfoliating Head. Suction will then suck debris away, leading to a smoother complexion and even skin tone.

To remove blackheads and other impurities, there’s the Large Circular Head. For thin, fragile areas like the corners of the eyes, the Small Circular Head is specially made for this.

There’s the Oval Fine Lines Head which reduces the look of fine lines while the suction lifts your skin. Lastly, it helps removing acne-causing bacteria.

If these haven’t convinced you yet, check these out:

For extracting blackheads and comedones, it is painless and less prone to scarring.
The suction force can be adjusted to accommodate sensitive skin and other skin types.
It has a USB charging capability, something not available in other electric suction tools.
It’s portable, you can do microdermabrasion not only at home but in hotels or wherever you are staying.

If you want microdermabrasion but you’re concerned about the price, it’s high time to learn how to do it. Make it real by getting our Blackhead Vacuum Remover. Buy our product now by clicking “Add to cart” today.