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How to stay away from miscarriage?


More than often a pregnant woman loses her child before the end of the twentieth week. This is referred to as miscarriage. A miscarriage affects the mind and health of a woman in ways one can’t even comprehend. That is why we will be telling you today how you can prevent such mishappening.

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Ways to avoid a miscarriage.

We will tell you what increases the chances of a miscarriage. This will help you proceed with your pregnancy in a healthy way.

There should be no sign of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

More than fifteen percent of women go through a miscarriage because they are suffering from a Sexually Transmitted Disease. This can be anything from herpes to gonorrhoea and syphilis. You should always check for these diseases and follow the needed procedure to take care of your health. This is crucial before you try to conceive.

Where your vaccines completed?

When you were a child, did you take all the needed vaccinations? If you don’t remember, then ask your doctor to do the needed blood test to find out whether or not you are covered. If you need the vaccination then your doctor will tell you how you should proceed. This will help you when you are pregnant as the chances of miscarriage will diminish.

The role of Folic Acid.

This is one of the crucial things to take care of. Folic acid reduces the chances of birth deformities and defects in infants. It also reduces the chances of miscarriage. Start taking Folic Acid for a few months before you plan to conceive.

Your diet plan.

Apart from taking the required Prenatal Vitamins you should also introduce fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. This will help your body fight the causes of miscarriage.


It is important to stay healthy and fit during the months of pregnancy or when you are trying to conceive. Go for walks every day. Yoga, Pilates, swimming and aerobics can be done too. You should remember to never overdo it though. Many women run the risk of miscarriage when they get involved in high-impact intensive workouts. You must do it in a moderate way so that you don’t over-tire yourself.


No matter how much you love your cups of coffee, you need to cut it out. Consuming more than 200 milligrams of coffee in a day will harm you and increase the chances of a miscarriage.

Try to stay happy.

If you take care of your stress levels then you will be able to enjoy a tension free pregnancy. The higher the levels of stress, depression and anxiety, more will be the chances of a stressful pregnancy. It should be the duty of the family to take care of the expecting mother. One can even do breathing exercise and meditation to keep calm and stay relaxed. B

Keep an eye on your weight.

A woman who has BMI over 30 should try to shed some pounds before trying to conceive. The chances of miscarriage are high when the mother is obese or gains unnatural weight during the pregnancy. Walking and swimming are the best ways to cut out the fat.

Don’t touch cigarettes.

Smoking is the most dangerous thing during a pregnancy. You are directly leading the way towards miscarriage if you smoke and drink during these months. Other problems like preterm labour, low body weight of the baby and there also lies high chances of still born baby.

On the other hand, alcohol causes damage to the child’s mental growth and this might lead to serious defects.

No over the top drugs.

You shouldn’t consume any medicines without consulting a doctor. There is absolutely no wriggle room here. Maximum number of miscarriages occur when pregnant women take over the counter medicines. Not only can it cause a miscarriage but it can also lead the way to future complications during pregnancy.

We don’t want you to go through the sorrows that miscarriage brings. As it is nothing but unbearable. But, there won’t be anything to worry about if you take the proper care and nutrition.