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4 Everyday Dangers In An Everyday Home

Health is about keeping your body as fit as possible. For the most part, it includes eating healthily, drinking water, and exercising three times a week. However, it is also about avoiding physical dangers which put your safety at risk. There is no point in maintaining your body when there isn’t one to preserve. And, it starts at home because your house is full of everyday dangers which are putting your well-being at risk. Thankfully, it is feasible to take action against these creepers and protect your health.

Here are the most common dangers and the best solutions.



Renovation Work

Homeowners love to redecorate. Nowadays, an average renovation means knocking down walls and adding an extension. Back in the day, it used to include a tin of paint and some wallpaper. As a result, there is a massive risk of an industrial accident. For example, the scaffolding could fall over or you could bang your head against the sharp edge. Bryson Tools and Suppliers has excellent scaffolding protection should the contractors not be on point. As a rule, it’s important to create a safe zone so that there is no need for hard hats and eyes in the back of your head. Try and section an area of the house off and label it a “free zone.”



Pesticides are poisons that kill bugs and tiny insects. According to the NPTC, 90% of households use some form of bug killer. Granted, the term is a vague one, but still harmful chemicals are not good for human beings. The trick is to reduce the number of sprays in the house. Do the flies get on your nerves in the summer? Try an electric bat rather than an aerosol. Another savvy trick is to buy organic food. Supermarkets sell foods which are full of chemicals and they end up in your bloodstream.



Lead Paint

This type of paint is one of the leading causes of illness in children, which is terrible news for parents. Even worse is the fact that some properties still use it on the walls and extremities. It’s not because they are non-believers but due to the fact that they don’t know it contains lead. After all, do you ask for paint samples before you move into a house? The only way to be sure is to strip the color from the walls and add a new hue. Just check the tin for the ingredients as even a small amount is potentially harmful.


Fire Alarms

A warning before the house goes up in flames is a good thing. In fact, fire alarms have saved countless lives across the globe. The problem is the lack of maintenance. As soon as they are installed, property owners forget about them and leave them to their devices. Just imagine if the batteries run out or if the alarm is faulty: how will you know there is an issue? The answer is you won’t, which is why you should double check they work on a regular basis.


Homes are dangerous, so what do you do to stay safe?