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How To Be The ‘Real You’ With Bad Finances


Experiencing a difficult financial situation sucks. It can leave you limited in your ability to experience the world, and spend time with friends. It prevents you from being able to wear what you want, and keep yourself well groomed with the products that best match your needs. It prevents you from heading out on vacation, and instead forces you into a completely singular approach, either to save money or to find another stream of income. It forces you to cancel your cable TV.

Being ‘the real you’ can be very hard when you have limited savings in your bank account and wallet. When you’re struck with these bad finances, you might wonder how to proceed. We’d recommend the following tips to keep your head above water, and to make sure your general lifestyle stays relatively unimpeded – because honestly, who wants that?

Don’t Turn Your Nose Up At Jobs

Despite having a certain skillset or another list of great features about you, sometimes when the work dries up, it pays to take on whatever you can. Never be so arrogant that you discount the entire process. You can be sure to learn something new, perhaps make friends you wouldn’t have otherwise known also. Of course, it might be that some jobs are really not up your street, but you may learn valuable skills there that you can use in your future career. For example, let’s say you’re a graduate from law school. It might be that a temporary lull in potential jobs can be a difficult period of no-income for you. However, working that retail job for a year as you get yourself out there can gift you vital skills around communicating with the public. Sometimes being ‘the real you’ means improving the old you.

Dripfeed Your Finances

When it comes to making your finances stretch further, drip-feeding your investments can work well. For example, if you purchase something, always round up to the nearest dollar and keep that saved. Before long an excess of savings will come your way. This is perfect when you have to work the first introductory weeks at a job and are waiting on that paycheck a month from now. This, in tandem with bad credit personal loans with guaranteed approval, could truly mean the difference between eating well and staying healthy, and eating baked beans for a full week. While acting as the real you is possible on a tight budget, it’s never easy to ignore that this limits you in several ways.

For example, take socializing at a new job. It’s likely that to ingratiate yourself with the staff, and to make the job socially digestible and something you enjoy doing everyday (even temporarily,) heading to the bar or to a special lunch with the employees could mean impacting your budget a little. It’s all about prioritizing, both in knowing when to budget and when to spend.

This balance brings out the real you, not giving yourself too much financial freedom but also limiting yourself and disciplining yourself to bring out the best of what you have to offer. As the new income comes your way, this period of self-restraint will inform your future practices well. Here is a very comprehensive article on insurance that can prove to be useful for you.