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Sensory Deprivation Tanks and Employee Wellbeing


The almost effortless relief from pain is not all-that sensory deprivation tank has to offer based on the fact that medical professionals and even unorthodox healers are starting to claim this this therapy also has a positive impact of on stress, anxiety and a many more nagging ailments that modern medicine continues to struggle with.

According to one Dr. Justin Feinstein who is an acclaimed amygdala expert indicated that a sensory deprivation tank is the only therapy equipment that is able to release our body from the incessant presence of gravity and by this he meant ‘freeing our minds’ from the responsibility of dealing with gravity which the brain has to constantly monitor every second of the day.

This ‘release’ from gravitational forces come from an individual being immersed in an Epsom salt solution that is generally heated to the average human body temperature and left suspended (the high concentration of salt in the solution prevents the individual from sinking) which creates a sense of floating making the body unable to note the difference between which parts are above the water and which parts are below the water which mimics what an astronaut experiences in space.


Clinical trials indicate that this situation induces a deep state of relaxation and based on empirical evidence and preliminary data, it has been made almost certain that the amygdala actually shuts off post-float without having to subscribe to any sort of medication.


This is important because the amygdala is one of the most important component of the brain for survival as it is where our fight or flight response originates from and it is common knowledge that by managing to tone it down or shutting it off effortlessly assists many individual to attain relief from PTSD, anxiety, stress, depression and as well as pain without the need for any sort of prescription drugs or even disciplines that are hard to learn and master such as yoga and meditation.

The positive impact of sensory deprivation tanks has generated interest from not just the medical field and spa owners, multinational corporations are also starting to see it as a means to an end of reducing work related stress and fatigue amongst employees and subsequently improve productivity and enhance employee retention which is becoming a nagging issue for corporations who depend on key individuals who ensure that operations are running smoothly and without hitches.


By installing sensory deprivation tanks within the business premise as part of the internal health care program, corporations are finding that these sensory deprivation tanks not only increases the level of energy and focus, but also enhances their level of innovation and creativity abilities. Apart from that employees who use these sensory deprivation tanks also show significant reduction in the number of sick leave days that they take post floatation.

Having sensory deprivation tanks installed within the business premises and made available to individuals who are in charge of critical operations that are highly stressful would be helpful towards allowing individuals to find ways to prevent ill health episodes that lead to negative psychological states that can actually create a domino effect in the workplace.

It is no secret that sick leave has a negative impact on the bottom line and subsequently creates a heavy economic burden on not just the firm, but also the individual and this scenario adds to the mental strain that the individual employee is already trying to contend with.

Thus having a sensory deprivation tank would be an added feature for firms to create a corporate culture that places the health of the employees as a priority and having sensory deprivation tanks will also be considered as ‘notable action’ that enhances employee loyalty that advocates a working environment that is positive and stress free.