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Find Your Favorite Vitamin Patch At Patch MD


The next generation of beauty support is here : PacthMD we do things differently. We belve in being out with the old and in with the new so we decide to change how people take supplements and get the nutrition they so need ,. We offer transdermal patches that allow yor body to absorb vitamins through the skins .What does this all mean ?

  1. You put a pacth on your skin which last you 8 hours .
  2. Complete bioavailability
  3. No need to swallow anything at all .
  4. It can work while you sleep. 😉


We have recently formulated a beauty pack which consist of  the following patches :

Garcinia Cambogia

Anti Aging

Bioten plus

Sleep starter

These are designed to ensure you not only look great but also feel amazing .We also have essentia plans for the winter and PMS . To celverate the end of the year we are having 40% off at patch plan untill 31 December 2017

Coupond code : BOx40

check out  : for to find your favorite vitamin patch