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Reasons Why You May Be Losing Your Hair And How To Reverse It


Everyday we lose strands of hair from our heads. That’s normal and if you are seeing a few strands falling out every now and then is nothing to worry about. However, when hair loss becomes excessive that may be cause for concern.

If you think you are experiencing excessive hair loss then below are a few factors that may be contributing to this problem. Read through them and see if any of them are related to you and then learn how to go about reversing the hair loss process to get back your full head of hair.

Wrong Hair Products

We all love to try new things in our hair every now and then in the hopes of getting the shiny look right? Well unfortunately, not every product may be right for your hair. You could be using product right now that could be potentially damaging your hair without knowing.

You need to analyze all your hair products and get rid of anything that doesn’t fall under the category of organic or natural products.

Scalp Infections

If you have been exposed to a contaminated area for example simply leaning against a wall that is contaminated, you could get an infection in your head. When this happens, the follicles become weak and fall out. The most common of these infections are fungus and bacteria.

A visit to your doctor would help solve this problem as he/she would prescribe some form of anti-fungal or antibacterial medications for you.

Vitamin Deficiency

Just as your muscles need protein and your bones need calcium, so does your hair also need adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals too. However, your hair may need more of some vitamins than others. For example, if you have a deficiency in Biotin then your hair will break and fall out.

The best way to remedy this problem is to use an effective hair loss supplement like Provillus or Foligen which both has adequate amounts of natural ingredients proven to increase hair growth.

Psychological Factors

One not so common trigger of hair loss is stress. This may not be obvious but if you are stressing out over something, it could be negatively affecting your hair growth. If you can’t find any possible trigger to your hair loss, chances are that stress is the key factor.

The best way to recoup from this situation is try to get rid of all stress from your life. I know this may be easier said than done but if you want to regrow your hair, then you’ll need to start working on some relaxation techniques. By the way, these techniques will provide your body with a whole lot of other health benefits.

Hair loss is a common occurrence but once you can find the trigger and address it as soon as possible, you’ll be well on your way to having your full head of thick and beautiful hair.