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Attaching Hair Extension Using Fusion Hair Extension

For you who love to use hair extension, you may have heard about fusion hair extension. However, with the massive development of hair extension, Fusion hair extension is no longer popular. Some people may don’t what kind of hair extension it is. Fusion hair extensions is available at Hairexten store. Therefore, we are going to discuss briefly about this method in using hair extension.

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Fusion Hair Extension: Overview

Fusion hair extension is one of the oldest and the most traditional methods in using hair extension. It also considers as one of the most popular method that used by many professional. Some people also call this method as “Hot Fusion” and “Glue-in” method. It is because the hair extension is attached to the hair by using something like glue and it needs to be heated. Many stylist and client love this method because it is quite easy to apply, trusted, natural, and long-lasting. This hair extension method can last for about three to six months. Find more about Fusion Hair Extensions – All You Need to Know About.

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For each hair extension pack, you will find 20 hair strands. Each strand is made of about 1 gram of hair. Each strand is hold by small, flat and square-shaped tip. The tip that holds the strands is square-shaped keratin bond. The tip is not only used to hold the strands, but it will function as the “glue” in attaching the hair extension to the hair. The tip should be heated with hair extension tools and the tip will be melted.

Attaching The Hair Extension

In attaching the hair extension with this method, we need to use hair extension tool. The hair extension tool is used for melting the keratin bond tip and paste the hair extension to the hair. Your hair stylist will take some of your hair that equal to the strands and put the bond over the hair. After that the hair extension tool will melt the bond and the stylist will use her finger to shape the melted bond around the hair. After it is cools, the bond will harden again and the hair extension is successfully and perfectly attached to the hair.

Maintaining Hair Extension

The hair extension will attach for about three to six month. During that time, the hair will keep growing. It will make the bond and hair extension move further away from where it belongs. When you don’t do anything about it, the bond and the hair extension will be easily noticed. Therefore, you need to retouch up every few weeks, so it can be adjusted.

That’s all what you need to know about fusion hair extension. It can be a good option for you who are planning to use hair extension.