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Discover These 10 Tips To Making Your Kids Birthday Party Great

Kids Birthday Party

Every parent hopes that their child’s birthday will be fantastic. Very often as parents, we spend a lot of money trying to create the perfect birthday party. The issue that a lot of parents run into is simply not knowing how to make the party great and something their child will remember fondly and so they end up wasting their money. Here we’ll take a look at 10 tips to making your kid’s birthday party great.

Let Your Child Tell You What They Want

A very young child is more agreeable to whatever their parents choose for the party. But once a child reaches a certain age they become less willing to accept others choices and instead they focus on what they want. For this reason, it’s best to give them what they want when possible. This doesn’t mean that you should overindulge or do something that is beyond your means but to the extent possible you should simply give them the party that they want.


Begin by asking them what kind of party they want to have. Younger children are usually easier as they will simply ask to have the party done in a certain theme or they may ask for a particular gift. Older children will often have very specific ideas and ask for more. Don’t worry if you can’t give them everything they want and instead focus on the aspects they ask for that you can give them.


Make Fabulous Invitations


Terrific invitations not only helps to remind everyone that the party is taking place but also gives them a feeling that it’s going to be fantastic and something that they don’t want to miss. A survey done by Parents Magazine found that as many as 3/4 of parents still use paper invitations to remind guests about a party. Even so, some surveys suggest that over 30% of parents now use electronic invitations instead.


Deciding which invitation to use really has to do with the age of your child. If it’s a young child and they want to invite many of their classroom friends then a paper invitation is probably the best choice. If, however, it is going to be a party for family and close friends then an electronic invitation is sometimes the perfect choice.

The most important thing to remember about an invitation, regardless of whether it’s paper or electronic, is that it is something that is memorable. If the party is based on a theme, then the invitation should present the same theme. The invitation should indicate the starting time and the time the party is expected to be finished.

Be Aware Of Who Is Coming


If the party is for a young child and other young children will be attending, then some parents of those children may not be completely comfortable with dropping their child off. This means you may have some of the parents staying and you need to be aware of that possibility and make appropriate arrangements for those parents. In an ideal situation, you will have a separate area for the adults to enjoy that is separate from the children’s party.

It will be necessary to have food and drinks that are appropriate for adults prepared in the adult area. Having one place for the children and another for the adults makes sure that everyone enjoys the party. This will mean that the children and adults remember the event fondly.


Get Or Make A Great Cake


Regardless of the age of the child, having the perfect cake will be part of what makes the party fondly remembered.  When the cake is presented it is the one part of the party that both the children and the adults will participate in and that everyone will remember. It doesn’t always require getting the most expensive cake from a top-tier bakery. Instead, focus on getting a cake that looks nice and is unique.  Beyond its looks, you will, of course, need to make certain that it taste good and is a flavor that your child likes.


Prepare Age Appropriate And Fun Games


Regardless of the age of the child and their friends, they will have lots of energy. Part of a fun party is making sure that they are entertained.  Older children are often better equipped to keep themselves entertained than younger children but either way it’s a great idea to plan for some games for the party in advance. Most importantly is that you choose games that are age-appropriate and fun for those participating.

Choosing active games where the children are able to be physical allows them to use some of their energy and to burn off the sugar high they have from the birthday cake. Plan appropriate games based on whether they will be played inside or outside. Everything needs to be monitored so that the children remain civil and that everyone is having fun.


Consider Having Goodie Bags


The child the birthday party is for is, of course, the center of attraction but having something for every child makes them feel better and will make the experience more memorable. Having goodie bags for each child doesn’t have to be expensive and can often be an easy way to make everyone feel special. Goodie bags are especially important for younger children to help them enjoy the experience more.

Have Enough Food Choices

Food is traditionally the centerpiece of a fun party. In addition to cake and other fun snacks, it’s recommended that you have other food to go along with it. When adults will be attending the party in another room they will need food that is more suitable for them. It’s not always necessary to prepare a big lunch as finger foods can often be a perfect solution.


Have Great Music


It’s unfortunate that a surprising number of parents completely forget about preparing music for the birthday party. Teenagers can easily put together their own music but younger children don’t have this ability. When possible you should create a playlist for the party. The songs should be something that children enjoy and that is fun to listen to.

Having a playlist prepared means it’s one less thing you need to think about during the party. If there’s a theme for the party then obviously, the music should fit the theme.


Whenever a party is centered around a theme then decorations will be important to help give off the vibe of the theme.  Consider making the cups the children will use fixed up in a way that is suitable for the theme and in some cases you can actually buy cups and other items that suit the theme. When possible, consider altering decorations in a way that helps them fit the theme and makes the party fun. If as example, you’re having a party that has a jungle theme then you could use green streamers that represent vines.

Decide When It’s Best To Open Gifts

Opening gifts can be one of the big highlights of the party. For this reason, it’s best to consider when the best timing is to open those gifts. Commonly, children will open the gifts during the party but it’s not always the best choice. There are situations with small children we’re opening the gifts could lead to arguments or tantrums with the children. This is often not a problem for older children but can be for the younger ones.

If you have any concern that the young children might throw tantrums, then you can simply choose to have your child open their presents after the party ends and the other children go home. If this is your plan, then you will need to make sure that the child knows about this choice before the party to prevent them from being upset that they can’t open their presents during the party.

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