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Best Lip Plumping Device


In our body, one of the most sensitive area is the skin of our lips. This is the reason that anything bad affects our lips easily.

Our lips do not have sweat glands and so we use creams and lip balms to keep them moisturized.

In people who do not take care of their lips or have dry lips, their lips start to turn dark.

The sunlight and the UV rays from the Sun also affect the skin on our lips because the skin on our lips is very thin. The Sun affects it and makes it dark mostly during summers.

People who use a lot of medicine and cosmetic products they also face the same problem and darken their lips in the process.

Some bad habits like smoking, consuming alcohol and consuming tea or coffee daily are the biggest reason of dark spots and darkness on the lips. Bad food habits also change the natural color of our lips.

Whatever the reason for the dark spots or dark lips, it’s important to cure this problem both from outer body and inner body to make the lips beautiful and pink again.

So in this article we will share some very effective homemade remedies and with their use you will notice a difference in the color of your lips.

So let’s take a look at the first remedy.

All the natural things which are red in color like tomato, beetroot and strawberry improve the color of our lips but only beetroot is best known to bring the natural color back to the lips. The best part of its juice is that if it’s used regularly then our lips start absorbing the red color and during the night it works faster.

To use this vegetable, take a slice of beetroot, then make 5 to 6 cuts on the slice with a knife as this helps excrete the juice from the beetroot. After that, put on the slice a little milk cream and honey and spread it and put it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes and then the remedy will be ready.

So every night before going to bed apply the mixture of milk cream and honey from the beetroot on your lips. After some time you will start to notice that the darkness and dark spots from your lips will start fading away.

One slice of beetroot can be used for one whole month. We have used milk cream and honey for the remedy because both of these ingredients not only remove the darkness from the lips but these also soften the lips.

As red things give red color to our lips, green things also remove the darkness from our lips and green coriander and peppermint are best known for that.

So for the remedy, take 1 cup green coriander leaves and 1 cup peppermint leaves and grind them in a blender to make their paste. Once the paste is ready, take 1 tablespoon coconut oil add 1/2 tablespoon petroleum jelly followed by 2 tbsp green coriander and peppermint paste and mix all these ingredients together and the remedy will be ready.

In case you do not have petroleum jelly then you can use glycerin also. This paste should be applied on the lips every night before going to bed. The reason we have used coconut oil in this remedy is because coconut oil has skin-lightening properties which help remove the dark spots from the skin.

If this remedy is used for 1 week regularly, then it helps remove the dryness and darkness from the lips and our lips start turning pink naturally.

If you want these remedies to work faster than normal, then before applying the remedy it’s important to exfoliate the lips because exfoliation helps remove the dead skin from our lips and it also increases the blood circulation. This process also helps any homemade remedy to take fast effects.

To remove dead skin cells from your face to reveal more beautiful complexion use the best at home microdermabrasion machine.

Here is one way to scrub the lips for exfoliation. For this procedure we will need rosewater, honey, lemon juice and cotton cloth or towel.

First take rosewater, lemon juice and honey in equal quantities and mix them together. Then take a cotton cloth or towel and wrap a corner around your finger and soak it with this mixture and massage it gently on the lips for 10 to 15 minutes.

If you want more plump lips, use the best lip plumping device on the market. It produces fantastic results.

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