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7 Tips When Buying the Hunting Vest


The hunting vest is a very useful garment, especially in spring. That is why we have thought of offering you seven tips that you have in mind when choosing your hunting vest, either only to go hunting or also that can be compatible with other practices such as clay pigeon shooting or hunting routes.

The 7 details you have to look at are:

  1. Comfortable for the face: if the vest fits well to you, but when facing you pull or force you to force the position, you will not be comfortable with that vest and you will stop using it
  2. Lightweight: lighter and more resistant materials are used at the same time. The less weight the vest has, the better you will feel. If it’s a vest for spring-summer, the lightness will make you feel fresh for longer. If it is for the winter, look for a vest with lightweight thermal materials and do not be afraid that because it is light do not warm up.
  3. Flexible: very related to the first point. Whether the vest likes fitted or wide, it has to allow natural movement in a simple way. It is very important that at the base of the shoulder, the vest has enough opening to be able to combine it with an undergarment. And you must watch that it is flexible at that point especially to guarantee the autonomy of movements.
  4. With pockets of ammunition: unless you intend to use the vest with another outer garment or a canary, it is important that the hunting or shooting vest has pockets to carry the ammunition. A piece of clothing has to be practical.
  5. Card pocket: if you are looking for a vest especially for shooting, it is recommended that you have a pocket for the card. Again, we are talking about an extremely practical element that will make life easier in a tournament and let you focus on the essentials.
  6. Ready for right or left handed: Most hunting and shooting vests are symmetrical, that is, it does not matter if you are a right or left handed shooter. However, there are some models designed exclusively for left-handers or right-handers only. If you are looking for a greater specialization, keep in mind that detail to wear a vest that is as close to your demands as possible.
  7. Added value complements: In some cases, the hunting vest becomes a very complete garment that comes with some important extras. There are vests with back pouch or with heating elements. If you consider that your vest has to be very complete, look for this type of characteristics.

We hope that these seven details or tips will facilitate the purchase of your tactical vests or shooting bench. If it can help you, here we give you a top sales of vests in our Armory:

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