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How High Blood Pressure Affects Your Life Insurance Premium


One of the most common yet troublesome conditions is high blood pressure. It can lead to severe malfunction disorders in the body such as heart failure, cardiac arrest, kidney failure and various other health problems. The condition can be easily understood to be one of the most vulnerable situations for any human being.

With the aspect of insurance companies, if you are a patient of high blood pressure you automatically become a high risk applicant. The insurance companies are very much vigilant about the health and medical condition of their applicants. In case of high risk applicants they levy high insurance premiums to minimize their own risk quotient.

How High Blood Pressure Affects Your Life Insurance Premium?

If you have a high blood pressure symptom, you should be open about the situation with your insurance firm. This will help them to develop more faith in you. Subsequently they will ask you to take up medical examination and analyse its report to find out the severity of the problem. You will be examined about your life style, family history, hobbies and habits along with the treatment that you may be undergoing.

These examinations determine a lot about your approach towards the ailment.

If they find that your ailment is taking a toll on your health, then the insurance writer will tend to allocate high priced insurance premiums to your policy.

During your examination if they notice that you are a determined person and diligently working on improving your health condition, it will make a positive difference. They will take your previous medical reports into consideration to measure your blood pressure over the period of time. If these reports indicate improvements in health, it may help the insurance firm to entrust you and allocate relatively lower priced insurance premiums into your case.

What can be done to lower the insurance premiums while suffering from high blood pressure condition?

There are certain steps that can help you in winning the faith of the life insurance company.

If you are taking the following steps, there are higher chances that your life insurance company will have a positive outlook towards your case:

  • The applicant must be taking due precautions for his/her condition such as not raising the temper, not over reacting aggressively, not involving into activities that may cause him/her to raise the blood pressure often etc.
  • The applicant must be following timely treatment and check-ups along with taking the due medicines as prescribed.
  • The applicant must be following the diet as suggested by their nutritionist or the doctor such as avoiding spicy, salty and oily food etc. and eating at regular intervals in small chunks.
  • The applicant must be including some light form of workout and meditation in their daily routine to help them in tackling up with their condition.

If you are following these above mentioned steps, then you are likely to get insurance in relatively lower price. However, the condition of high blood pressure is considered to be a serious ailment by the insurance companies.

What preparatory measures should be taken by high blood pressure patient before filing life insurance application?

A preparation is much needed in case you are a patient of high blood pressure and wish to apply for life insurance policy. Start preparing beforehand, the following steps should be well accounted:

  • Take all the measures and precautions to control and lower your blood pressure (as mentioned above).
  • Do not take any high drug medicine if possible so that you do not suffer from other side effects. A qualified doctor’s consultation is much needed.
  • Visit your doctor fortnightly for succeeding months and make a file of your blood pressure reports. Specifically the data that shows improvement in your health is needed to be presented.
  • Involve brisk walking, mild yoga and meditation in your daily routine. Keep screenshots of your activity tracker that can be shown to the insurance company. If one can afford, it is advisable to take membership of some guided yoga club that can help the patient in achieving the goal.
  • Quit any such habits that may cause deterioration to your health- smoking, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, spiced food, watching horror movies etc.
  • Trust yourself and have a peaceful mind!

This small preparation will not only generate a good report for your insurance policies but also help you in attaining a good health and rewarding life.

Just keep in mind that one should take an account of at least 3-4 months for doing this preparation.

Transamerica, MetLife, Seniors Life Insurance Finder and few more popular insurers always try to help the customers to attain maximum possible benefits through their policies. But they cannot risk their own business under certain conditions and ailments. In this scenario, the attitude of the applicants towards their own ailment can make a big difference in reducing the cost of their insurance premiums.

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