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Best Natural anti aging food


When your age is growing up, It’s needed to increase anti inflammatory foods such as oily fish which contains especially Omega-3, fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid pro-inflammatory food such as meat, if you can’t avoid it then obey the limitation and don’t eat too much. Your diet plan is an essential part of anti aging and makes sure you load up your diet chart with natural anti aging food. So, look better and feel your best at every stage of your age with rejuvenating foods.

The best natural anti aging food:

Carotenoid-containing food: The nutritionist found orange and yellow fruits and vegetables such as carrots, squash and orange bell peppers can help promote your skin’s tremble and stop collagen breakdown in its tracks. Antioxidant rich fruits retain your skin looking youthful and resilient.

A Mediterranean diet: A study shows that people who follow the Mediterranean diet plan, they have a lower chance of cognitive and a lower risk of disease as they age. Familiar Mediterranean staples are olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans and endurable amounts of wine as healthy and sound best for your brain.

Turmeric: Turmeric is one of the best natural anti aging food which is most effective anti- inflammatory and protects the liver, diminish inflammation and fight against infection and age related diseases. It also inhibits the growth of cancer cells and protects our brain. It also helps us look younger. Hundreds of year turmeric is also used as a beauty treatment to whiten and tighten our skin.

Pomegranates: This fruit is rich in vitamin C which helps as a battle against wrinkles of sun damage. The juice of pomegranate seeds helps to catch our age which contains ellagic acid and punicalagin that fights damage from free radicals and improve your body’s capability to protect collagen. It makes your skin look smooth, soft and plump. Not only juice but also a cup of pomegranates seeds you can eat every week.

Blueberries: These delicious little blueberries full of more antioxidants than any other food do. They may give your skin extra protection against skin damaging from sun exposure, mental stress and over exercising. Everyday one-half cup of blueberries will help you to protect the cell damaging that can lead to reducing of firmness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Kale and spinach: These veggies contain some special ingredients such as phytonutrients or antioxidants compounds that help as a battle guard against skin damage which caused by the sun ray. Beta-carotene and lutein, both nutrients that have been shown to increase your skin elasticity and protect them. Every week, try to eat three cups of either kale or spinach or both of them.

Watermelon: Watermelon is the best for a dewy complexion. This delicious fruit rich in antioxidant and vitamin C and also contains lycopene and potassium which adjust the balance of water and nutrients in cells and body. Try to eat at least one or two cups a week regularly.

              Don’t look forward instant anti aging and the effect will likely over an extended period of time? Stick with your recommended daily take of fruits and vegetables, which is about ¼ to ½ of your plate with every meal. These all natural anti aging food helps you to catch your age. So, eat right and look younger.

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