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3 Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

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Woman! When you hear this word, it creates an instant image of a beautiful woman with an amazing look and stylish dress. But not every woman can create this image in everyone’s mind. Do you know why? Because they miss some tips while trying to be beautiful. So girls here I am with some tricky women’s beauty tips. You will not believe how this unassuming tip gives a massive change in your look with best drugstore bronzer for pale skin. Try to apply these tips in your beauty look, you will left dumbfound. I will talk about 3 most sensitive part of woman – skin, hair, and dress. Yes, I know you will love me for this. So let’s not waste our time.

  1.    Skin care tips:

Flawless and acne free skin is every girl’s dream. You may think it is impossible to get a healthy skin, but for your information, if you can follow some healthy tips, the dream will turn into reality. Yes, I am telling the truth. Just follow the tips and enjoy a beautiful glowing skin:

  •    Turn into a sleeping beauty. Try to take a sound sleep for 6-8 hours. This simple activity will help you to give you a healthy skin. Because if you sleep less, you feel tired and so do your skin will look tired with you. So sleep is a big thing. Try to maintain it.

  •    If you are makeup freak than I advise you to use the best one. It is for your skin wellness. And after a whole day with makeup when you are preparing yourself to go to bed, don’t you dare to go to sleep with that makeup on your skin. It is very very harmful to your skin if it is left on your skin for overnight. It is a must to remove your makeup before you are going to sleep. Use Vaseline to remove makeup. It will keep your skin good.

  •    Drink minimum 8 liters of water and fresh fruits and vegetables. It is good for your skin health.

  •    Sun is an enemy of your skin. The UV ray is not good for your skin. Use a good sunscreen lotion to protect your skin.

  •    If possible take an early morning walk in the fresh air. It is a natural healer for your skin.

  1.    Hair care tips:

Who doesn’t like a thick, long and shiny hair? It is what every woman wants. Is it really possible to own a healthy hair? Yes, dear, it is possible. Follow this tips:

  •    Change your eating habit. Turn into a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet like – fresh vegetables, fruit, salad, yogurt. These foods are good for your hair health.

  •    Use a mild shampoo to clean your hair. Also, condition your hair with a good conditioner. It will keep your hair smooth and oil free. The best conditioner is an egg. It works superbly.

  •    If you have damaged hair, try this homemade solution. It is super effective. Mix honey and olive oil and apply to your hair. Wash it after some time. You will feel some difference in your hair.

  •    Dandruff is not good for your hair. It makes your hair dry and scalp itchy. Use brown sugar in your hair conditioner. You will make dandruff to get away forever.

  •    Hair fall is the heartbreaking problem for every woman. We try every product to stop it but it not works. Here is a natural solution and it is effective. Take Aloe Vera gel, lime juice, and coconut oil. Apply them to your hair. You will see your hair falling has stopped after some use of this solution. Try it.

  1.    Dress tips:

Lastly, the most important part of our look is a dress. With dress our look gets complete. So it is important to select the best dress which will complement you. As we all have different figures than we have to know which dress will help us to give the best look.

  •    Try a cross body line dress. It looks good on every figure.
  •    Don’t go for a short dress, it always doesn’t let you look stylish.
  •    Try to wear a comfortable dress. If you are not comfortable with what are you wearing, it will reflect in your face. It will be a disaster.
  •    Wear the colorful dress. It will give you a happy feeling. Dull colors are not recommendable for fashionable look.
  •    If you need to do ironing emergency, use a hair straightener. It really works.
  •    We all love tights but we face the running problem. Here is the simple solution, use hairspray on the running part. It will stop and you can use the tights again.

Here are the beauty tips that every woman have to know to own a beautiful look. If you follow them with dedication, no one can stop you from looking beautiful.

You will find many kinds of women’s beauty tips but all of them are based on a product. They will encourage you to use those products to look beautiful. But the fact is this product has side effect and they are permanent. So it advisable to avoid every kind of beautification products. Now you may ask them what to do to look beautiful? Nature has everything to help us in looking beautiful. If you have aim and dedication then try to use natural products and herbal ingredients to look beautiful and they are permanent. But do remember while using this ingredient, you have to know if they are perfect for your skin and hair. Because if you are allergic to some ingredients than it may harm your skin and hair health.  So take advice from your doctor and do a thorough checkup. It will help you to know what is good for your skin and what is not. Though it looks tough to follow the tips but not impossible as like best drugstore primer. You need dedication and aim that you have to look beautiful.  To look beautiful is not to wear expensive dress and accessories. You will look smart even with the simple dress if you follow these tips.

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