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Susan Boyle’s Weight Loss; Clean Living Does a Body Good

Frustrated woman with scale, on gray background.

Frustrated woman with scale, on gray background.

We all recognize Susan Boyle as the woman from Britain’s Got Talent with the beautiful voice and ummm, great personality. Since her first foray into the public eye she has made some drastic changes for the sake of her health. These changes resulted in an amazing weight loss that others would love to emulate. She has accredited a few key things as being an integral part in her weight loss journey; giving up sugar, eating healthy and exercise.

Giving it Up, Sweetie.

It’s definitely no secret that there is a correlation between sugar consumption and obesity. In fact, Susan Boyle accredits sugary snacks as being a large part of the problem with her weight. In one interview, she was quoted as saying “I needed to stop eating sweeties and cakes.” And that is exactly what she did. She had been diagnosed with Type two diabetes and was told by her doctor that she didn’t have a choice. So, she got strict with herself and gave up refined sugars and sugary drinks. Those sweet treats are nothing but empty calories. By cutting them out she made room in her diet for better choices that gave her what her body needed. One of the related diets that we could recommend is no bread diet. Eliminating bread from your diet can help you focus on healthy carbohydrates such as brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, and other sources.

Healthy Living is For Her

In addition to giving up the sweet life, Susan focused on making healthier food choices both in and out of the dessert arena. She avoided those delicious and calorically dangerous fast food meals we all love and hate simultaneously. Instead, she satisfied her sweet tooth with fresh fruits and ate lots of green vegetables which are very low in carbs and high in fiber, among other things. She also replaced those sugary drinks with tons of water. This not only helped her to feel full and avoid overeating, but it also prevented dehydration. There are many people who commonly mistake the feelings of thirst for hunger. Because of this it’s best to avoid thirst altogether and stay hydrated. Why tempt fate when you don’t have to.

You work it, Girl

Making better food choices was certainly a large part to Susan Boyles miraculous weight loss transformation but it wasn’t the whole story. To have weight loss you need to have a large enough calorie deficit in your diet to burn away the pounds. Susan trimmed her calories way back when she cut out those sweets and began to eat healthy. However, you can only cut so many calories and still stay healthy. The trick to reaching the maximum caloric deficit is to use up the calories you’re taking in by being active. Susan Boyle did this by working out regularly and walking 2 miles every day.

Keep up the Good Work

We have to give some serious kudos to Susan Boyle on her success. It’s not easy to alter the eating habits you’ve practiced your entire life. Especially when those habits included cakes, cookies, fast food and all things carbohydrate. However, the trick to making lasting weight loss change is to skip the diets and really work to change your behaviors. Choose the apple over the donut, select the grilled chicken breast over the greasy hamburger and take the stairs instead of riding in the elevator. Those little healthy changes are what helped Susan Boyle achieve her health and weight loss goals.

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