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Is Fishing Really A Sport Or Just A Hobby?

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Long before fishing became a competition, it has been a basic activity to put food on the table and feed the family. There have been debates recently whether fishing is really a sport or just a hobby.

Fishing can be considered a boring thing to do for some. Who would spend a whole day sitting in a chair just waiting? However, for those who love this kind of activity, they will argue and say that this is an amazing thing to do. Sometimes best fishing sunglasses for you can help you anyways.

First, let us define some terms and what makes an activity to be considered a sport or a hobby? Oxford dictionary defines sport as “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment” while a hobby is “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure”.

Basically, since fishing involves physical exertion and skills, it can be categorized as a sport. Yet, most people do fishing just for fun during their free time.

Let us discuss a few benefits and requirements of fishing:

· It involves skills – one must be an initiative with regard to strategies on where to fish, the equipment to use, monitoring the right kind of weather and proper technique on how to hold and pull the reel.

· It takes lots of patience – one must be able to endure the amount of time spent waiting for that perfect catch.

· Catching the biggest fish can provide one with bragging rights. Fishing has become competitive lately, with those going to all lengths to win that coveted trophy and the title of the “best fisherman” in the world.

· Fishing promotes mental, emotional and social lifestyle – it is believed that fishing is therapeutic in nature. It calms the mind and resets body chemistry.

· It empowers connections with friends, family and nature, thus creating that sense of belongingness.

· There is a lot of health benefits associated with fishing. It develops flexibility and activates muscles, exposure to sunlight gives Vitamin D which is essential for our body, benefits the heart and develops the brain.

Having said all that, fishing can be like a sport. Unlike any other sports, however, it does not seem to require too much stamina. It does not involve running for an hour nor almost losing your breath like what you do when playing football or running a marathon.

There are organizations that sponsor fishing leagues – whoever catches the largest fish or the most fish (depending on the category of the event) wins a prize just like in any other sports. Those with the competitive spirit will always be up for this challenge.

There are those who only see fishing as a hobby – a way to relax and for those who enjoy the serenity and sometimes solitude in a vast body of water or in a swamp/river, fishing is their much-awaited break from their stressful daily life. The hours spent fishing is considered timeless and never a waste. Many people would also that a hobby also means collecting something and they collect fish from this activity. Go here to get fishing reel brands.

So in conclusion, fishing can be a sport sometimes because of the physical effort and skills it requires. And it is a hobby for those who just want a quiet moment with their friends, family, and nature or with just themselves. Whatever the purpose of one grabbing that fish rod and paddling on their boat in the middle of the lake, at the end of the day fishing creates a certain accomplishment, happiness, and contentment (and that’s all that matters). The issue of whether fishing is really a sport or just a hobby will basically depend on one person.

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