Dogs are the best company, and probably majority’s favorite pet. Well, it is true since they are loyal and quite endearing. Apart from their sweet company, there are other benefits of a dog. And below are 5 good reasons to get a dog.

Dogs Relieves Stress:

Anxiety and discomfort form part of our daily lives. People tend to deal with such situations differently, from popping pills to seeking other complex ways. Majority of those ways of dealing with anxiety are not as easy and simple as having a dog, as a best friend.

The act of petting a dog alone, according to scientific studies would reduce anxiety and make one have a calm feeling. It has worked for Harvard medical student who has decided to bring therapy dog, into their workplace so that it might create a happier working environment.


You can also go ahead and get yourself a dog. You don’t have to wait until anxiety strikes or feel uncomfortable. Stress has become part of us, and by having a dog that you pet from time to time would relieve you of it.

Makes You More Active:

Generally, pet owners tend to be out goers as they take care of their pets. Dogs are always active unless they are sick. They would expect their owners to be the same. As a pet owner, taking the dog for walks, whichever time is part of the routine, it is a way of bonding with the dog and a way of showing care to the pet dog. Meanwhile, you too become active

Studies indicate that pet owners, especially dog owners tend to have more strolls, they love strolling with their dogs, making them more active than those who don’t have dogs. Playing with the dog also increases the pet owner’s activity level.

Emotional Development:

Many have a problem with their emotions, some are just emotionally low while others are just too high. With a dog as a pet, our emotional problem can be solved. Dogs would make one who always feels not wanted and secluded be emotionally uplifted, especially for kids, but even for adults who have a problem connecting with others emotionally. And since people usually experience unstable emotional which is weak and less developed, having a dog would be one way to solve this.

When Dogs help us develop our emotions, we improving our

# self-confidence

# self-esteem

# sense of responsibility

# Commitment.


For home security, we can also rely on our dogs, whether kept indoors or outdoors. Dogs’ ability to sniff and sense something or someone has been reliable for a very long time. And we can rely on this skill of dogs to protect ourselves.

Dogs can be used to keep us safe from strangers, thieves or home intruders. Even untrained dogs can easily sense danger. Especially that which endangers their territory or owners. This would be great for one who one to keep intruders away.

Dogs can also sense the presence of other harmful creatures such as snakes. They will bark as a way of reacting to the intrusion and can be so much relied on.

For Stronger Immune System:

Those who live in homes with dogs do always not suffer from allergies and asthma, according to this study, it is because they have developed a stronger immune system, with the help of the dog. This works well for kids especially if they are introduced to dogs at a very tender age. Though not also impossible for older people, especially if the dog is kept for a longer period. For one with allergies, after a long period with the dog as a pet, high chances are that he or she is to suffer less since they have acquired a better immune system.

Indeed dogs are so important and should form part of everyone’s life. From the discussed benefits above and with the undeniable fact that dogs are best man’s company, there is no doubt why we should all have a dog.

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