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I brought the best Wedding Planner for my Niece’s Wedding

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Ishika was the daughter of my eldest Brother. She had been my best friend, partner in crimes and the most amazing sister; I had. Due to the little age gap we had, we never behaved like aunt and niece, rather we were more like friends. Sometimes, my mother got irritated of the bond we had and her mother, my bhabhi too was a little conscious because of our extreme close bonding. We slept together, we ate together, we danced together and we studied together. There was nothing which could have separated us.

It just seems that all of these things happened just yesterday and now she was going to get married. She had been always my companion at the worst times of my life and I too supported her for various things. Since, now it was her marriage, I had to be an active participant in all of the wedding preparations and the wedding ceremonies which were lined up for a month. But, as you know Preparing a grand wedding, as I promised her years back, and that too in a city like Bangalore was not at all easy. So, I decided to hire one among the best Wedding Planner in Bangalore.

Ishika was so sure of me, that whatever I will be arranging will be superb. She trusted me with all her faith and she never questioned me for what I was planning for her marriage. She knew my choices well and most of the time we landed up fighting for the same thing, which meant we had very similar choices. So, there was no issue of getting everything planned in my way; after all, she would love each and everything which would be planned and executed in synchronization, keeping all her wedding dreams in mind. The next issue was to get the Best Wedding Planner in Bangalore as soon as possible, so that he can get an idea of what we wanted and work according to it. It was tough to find the one I was seeking for, as I was new there and I just planned my trip for her wedding only. There was no other concern living in Bangalore for 2 long months.

UrbanClap was the best application to provide us with the best Wedding Planner

I wanted to get the best Wedding Planner in order to arrange everything with ultimate precision and zero error. I started searching for the professional who can handle all the worse situations with ultimate ease. Planning a marriage all on your own is such a headache after all. Bhaiya and Bhabhi were also there deciding over the things, but to whom I had an ear was Ishika. I just had to stick to her dreams and decisions but I didn’t want to hurt her parent’s emotions too. So, I had to hear them too.

According to few of their relatives, there were some of the wedding planners. I got their details and called them. They came and showed us their portfolios. Me and Ishika both were looking into each other’s eyes and said no to almost every portfolio. Both of us were sitting in ultimate despair, flipping the TV channels showing those filthy Daily Soaps. I just stuck to a channel, when I saw an advertisement streaming on the same. It was an advertisement of an android application named UrbanClap. The advertisement told us that UrbanClap was a platform which was bridging the gap between needful service seekers and professional service providers.

Without wasting any time, I decided to download the same on my android device. I searched the same on the Google Play Store and got the same. I tapped on the Download button to start downloading the app. It just took few seconds to download the app. The next step was to get registered on the application. It required me to fill up few of my details into the required boxes, in order to get registered on the same. After registering on the app, I entered what I was searching for. I searched for the best Wedding Planners in Bangalore. I was happy to get a number of options flashing on my android screen. But, on the other hand I was a bit confused too, that how I will get to know who the best among all those are? But then I saw the reviews and ratings they got from their clients. That was really very helpful in deciding the few of the wedding planners, to whom I sent personal messages asking for their price quotes. Within no time, I started receiving e-mails from them with their price quotes and portfolios.

Why I Chose UrbanClap?

After a lot of brain storming, I and Ishika decided over one professional, whose portfolio was really good to proceed with. I called on his number to confirm a face to face meeting the next day only. I was impressed with his punctuality, he arrived just at time. We sat and discussed everything we wanted. We told him the theme must be according to the ceremonies. On Haldi, we needed everything themed according to the village culture and the colour which will be used must be Yellow. The same we decided for other ceremonies like mehendi, sangeet, Matkor and all. He assured us with the best services and told us that everything would be according to our wishes.

Whatever he promised was kept. Every arrangement was mind blowing. Even the caterers and the decorators were amazing in their work. The Bridal Makeup Artist and the Wedding Photographer worked in synchronisation to capture the most amazing pictures of the bride. The fashion designer brought the best designer wears for the bride-to-be for every ceremony. The heena-designer designed the heena in most beautiful patterns. The floral decorators decorated the Mandapa and the venue well with white lilies and blue orchids. Red roses were showered during the Jai Maal Ceremony. The doli was decorated in the traditional way and looked amazing. Sweets and snacks were served to the guests at time.

Thanks to UrbanClap and its whole team for providing with such an easy and user friendly interface which enables the needful service seekers get the best service providers. Finding the professionals was easy. I just had to read the reviews on them carefully and filter them on the basis of the ratings they got. It was easy to find the one I needed through UrbanClap and very thankful to the whole UrbanClap team for bringing such a great application.

Mr. Rajeev Tandon and his team from Band Baaja Baarat, in Bangalore is the best wedding planner in Bangalore. He planned everything in the same way we wanted him to. Few of the things, which we forgot to mention, were well balanced by him. That showed the experience he had in this field. He and his whole team did a great job planning and executing the best preparations in Ishika’s Wedding. We loved their work, their punctuality and their passion to bring life to each and every ceremony. Rajeev and his whole troop is highly recommended by to everyone who is going to or planning to get married in near future or a bit later.

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