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ArcLighter Candle Lighter Retail Edition


Introducing the world’s first flameless, electronic, rechargeable candle lighter powered by Ignite lighters’ patent pending ArcLighter Technology.

The ArcLighter is like no lighter you have ever seen. Unlike a regular lighter, there is no flame that can flare-up when positioned upside down. You can freely use the ArcLighter in any direction, even completely vertically!
With child-safety lock, flame proof zinc alloy top cover, easy-use design, rechargeable built-in UN38.3 certified li-on battery, etc, it is designed to replace the traditional flame, with a super high-intensity electric arc that can instantly light candles, fireplaces and more!
It’s time to stop hiding those disposable candle lighters, no flame, no fuel, no trouble, enjoy the arclighter!

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