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Trumpray Intelligent Motion Sensor Night Light


Trumpray Intelligent Motion Sensor Night Light – Wireless Motion Activated LED | Rechargeable Battery Powered Nite Lite

INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY – With simple wave over technology, the motion sensor night light is activated. Simply wave your hand several inches above the unit to turn the unit on or off. No more having to get up to turn off the light switch! To adjust brightness, move your hand up and down, that’s it. Built in intelligent recall functionality ensures the light always turns back on at the level you last left it.

GENTLE COMPANION – Let the light be your friend on the side. The light that is emitted contains soft elements which are not harsh on the eyes. Featuring a glow that is no strobe, low radiation, and low blue ray. It’s the perfect dim reading light and plays a nice partner as a wireless baby night light.


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