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The Curling Tips for Short Hair That You Need to Know

We all know that short hair is the bomb this year, especially during the summer season. But why should you settle with straight and boring short hair when you can take its style to a whole new level by curling it?
If you think that short hair can’t be curled, think again! While it is true that the ways that you can curl your hair are quite limited, curling short hair is not as impossible as you thought it would be! To curl your short hair perfectly, here are the tips and tricks that you need to know:

 Curling Tips for Short Hair That You Need to Know
1.    Use the right curling iron.
Since you have short hair, you will have special requirements when it comes to the features of the curling iron that you will use. For one, you will need a curling iron with small barrel size—3/4 to ½ inch—because short hair will respond better to it. Other things to consider when buying the best curling iron for short hair are the material of the plate, the barrel shape, and the temperature control feature. You can click here to choose the best curling iron for short hair in the market.

2.    Protect your hair from heat.

When curling short hair, you should not forget about heat protection so you can prevent split ends and damage. It is recommended that you spritz on heat protection spray or apply a cream that can help seal in the cuticle in your hair strands so that it won’t get dry and frizzy.

3.    Divide your hair into sections.

When your hair is divided into sections, it will be a lot easier for you to curl it. But please keep in mind that how you divide your hair can have an effect on the size of curls that you will achieve. If you want looser curls, divide your hair into large sections while smaller sections will help you achieve smaller and tighter curls.

4.    Hold the wand vertically.

Since you do not have much hair to work on, the best way to achieve a natural looking wave is to curl the sections of your hair vertically.

5.    Do not leave the wand on for too long

The best type of curl for a short hair is the beachy wave and the best way to achieve that is to avoid applying too much heat. Leaving the wand on for too long can lead to tighter curls, which can make your short hair shorter.

6.    Apply dry shampoo.

If you have fine hair, you may want to increase the texture and volume of your hair. You can do that by applying dry shampoo before curling your hair.

You see—curling your short hair can be easy! You just have to follow the tips provided above, and you can enjoy a gorgeous-looking curly hair hassle-free!

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