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Why CBD Skin Care Products Work For Women


Legislation regarding the growth, possession, sale and use of marijuana  have been relaxed across many states in the US and it seems that this shift is set to continue into the future. This has led to a growth in the sector for producing commodities that contain cannabis or extracts from the marijuana, hemp or cannabis plant in states where it has been legalized. As a result, CBD has become a more common ingredient in women’s skin care and beauty products.

Types Of CBD Skin Care Proucts

CBD, an extract from the cannabis plant, is being incorporated into a wide variety of skin care products including soaps, bath salts, lotions, creams, oils and may others specifically designed with women in mind. Some of the benefits if CBD for skin is that it is moisturizing, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, combats acne as well as improves the appearance of acne scars. The main ways in which it to functions to provide these benefits is as an anti-inflammatory, by promoting healthy cell regeneration and by eliminating unhealthy cells in the skin and body.

Over and above this, it has been proven to be an effective treatment for some medical skin conditions such as eczema as well as for the symptoms associated with it such as pain and itching. CBD also has anti-bacterial properties that helps disinfect the skin preventing the appearance of pimples, blackheads and other problems. Research has also shown some promising results in delaying and even reducing some of the signs of ageing.

Where To Find CBD Skin Care Products

The States of Washington, Oregon and Colorado have all legalized the sale of products containing CBD. States like California and Illinois restrict the purchase of CBD products if a medical card can be produced stating the medical reason for the use of the product. However, it is still illegal to transport these products over state lines or into States where cannabis and it’s extracts are still strictly regulated in all forms including  indica, sativa or cannabis hybrid strain.

How Does CBD Work?

As mentioned above, CBD is extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant in the form of an oil that contains a variety of medical and health properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant all which are beneficial for the skin. In addition to these, CBD connects with the cannabinoid receptors in the human body to eliminate unhealthy cells and to promote healthy cell regeneration through enhanced absorption of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a healthy skin. The fact that the extract can be used directly on the affected or problematic areas ensures greater efficacy.

This is of great importance as most women overlook the importance of providing the skin with the right nutrients even if they go to great lengths to perform other facial care treatments such as cleansing and moisturizing. While most of the nutritional value that is required is acquired through diet, applying these nutrients directly to the skin so that it can be absorbed easily will also contribute to an overall healthier skin.

As we age, the ability of the skin to regenerate new skin cells is slowed as well as the ability to shed dead cells. CBD will speed up the regeneration process and assist the skin in eliminating the unwanted dead cells that contribute to skin that looks dry, dull and tired, delaying the ageing process.

Vitamins A, C and E and Omega-3 fatty acids all contribute nutritional value to the skin as well as have anti-oxidant properties. However, CBD has greater anti-oxidant properties than all of these combined. Anti-oxidants help eliminate free radicals that are released in the body through the process of oxidation that is caused by UV rays, pollution and other toxins that enter the body. Eliminating free radicals is essential to delaying ageing and achieving a younger, healthier skin. Statistics show that women who use anti-oxidants regularly and consistently can slow the ageing process by as much as 5 years, meaning that they will appear at least 5 years younger than their actual age.

CBD Acne Benefits
Acne is a skin condition that affects people of all ages and not just those going through puberty and can have the same debilitating consequences for adults as it has for teenagers. The causes of adult acne are similar to those of teenagers and can include factors like high stress levels, hormones, ingredients in skin care products, pH balance, medication, etc.

Unlike pimples, acne is caused by the skin excreting excessive amounts of Sebum. Sebum is produced to protect and moisturize the skin but can cause pores to become blocked which results in acne bumps appearing. CBD Skin Care combines with Sebum in order to promote it’s beneficial properties and reduces the likelihood of pore blockages thereby effectively reducing the appearance of acne and even eliminating this skin condition.

As an anti-inflammatory, CBD works to reduce swelling, especially related to pimples and acne. The anti-bacterial properties help keep the skin free of the bacteria and other pollutants or toxins that can cause or exacerbate the condition. CBD has been shown to be more successful in treating acne and pimple outbreaks than other medical, over the counter or skin care products.

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