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How to Use Pressure Cooker for Beef


Very often people consider pressure cooker to be a technology of the yesteryear, which is very much ironic. Yes, ironic because, in this constantly running time-pressed world, what can be a more appropriate cooking utensil than a cooker that drastically reduces the time required for cooking. In people over scheduled lifestyle nowadays, it is the pressure cooker that comes rather as a blessing for making delicious and healthy foods in minutes. And, when one makes a combination of beef and a pressure cooker, there remains no doubt about how tantalizing and mouthwatering the entrees you may get served on your platter. Let’s find out how to use pressure cooker for beef here in this article.

Marinating The Beef Is Important
Though cooking in pressure cooker automatically ensures softening of the beef. But marinating the beef in advance can make it juicier and tastier when using a pressure cooker. Depending on the recipe you are about to try, it’s important to season the beef with the required ingredients; so that when put inside the pressure cooker, each and every taste element can get deeper inside the beef, making it something that will be a real treat to the taste buds.

Master The Art of Using Pressure Cooker
Whether it’s a beef Stew or a beef Stroganoff or Beef Curry or anything else, to cook the most delicious beef recipes in a pressure cooker you need to be well aware of how to use pressure cooker for beef. Gone are the days using pressure cookers used to mean a complex and sometimes a scary task. Now, with upgraded and modern pressure cooker versions being available in the market, both oven friendly ones as well as the electric pressure cookers, using it has become easier than ever.

All you have to do is put the ingredients of your beef recipe one by one inside the cooker and place the lid tightly. It’s the PC that will continue cooking the beef with the pressure created inside due to heating. In case you have a cooker with an adjustable gauge on its top, then you have to wait for the gauge to start sizzling and jiggling. Once it starts releasing clouds of hot air or giving out whistling sounds, you need to switch off the oven or the electric heater, once the cooking time is over.

Remember, to cook under pressure liquid is a must. Whether you use lesser liquid or enough that can submerge the beef pieces is up to you, but a minimum of 1 cup is a must for any recipe.
Know Removing the Cooked Beef Safely

Once the cooking time gets over, you need to release the pressure from the inside of the cooker, to get the succulent and tender beef items out instantly that you’ve just cooked. And the best way to do that is by putting the pressure cooker under cold running water unless the steam stops to come out from gauge part on the lid. You can also let it sit for 10 minutes to cool down and then try releasing the remaining pressure inside by slowly opening the lid if you can bear to wait a bit longer despite having the mouth-watering smell of a perfectly cooked beef.

In case the beef isn’t cooked entirely or you need to add some ingredients in the midway, try opening the lid following the already given directions and put the lid tightly again and wait a few minutes more.
Things Not to Do When Cooking Beef in PC

To obtain the best results of pressure cooking, one needs to be aware of the things that he or she should not do while using a pressure cooker, apart from knowing how to use pressure cooker for beef. Let’s take a look at some of the don’ts when using a pressure cooker to cook beef.

– Do not try opening the lid when the beef is still in the mid-way of getting fully cooked, as it will release the built-up pressure from the inside, leaving the beef tough

– No matter what beef recipe you’re trying, make sure not to overfill the pressure cooker

– Don’t start cooking on a low heat, rather, begin with high heat first and later lower the burner settings

Using the pressure cooker for cooking beef do require some techniques to be followed; but once you know them all, the ultimate result is sure to be as impressive and delicious as it can be. No matter how chewy or stubborn the beef piece is, once you put it in the pressure cooker and cook accordingly, you are sure to taste the most tender and juicy beef ever!

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