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GOLO Diet Reviews


There are millions of diets out there, many of which seem to flat out contradict each other as to what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to their one shared objective: losing excess weight and keeping it off for good. One of the latest diets to garner a great deal of attention (it was literally the diet most searched for on the internet in 2016) is the GOLO diet

The diet is named after the company that created it and is a play on words of their motto which is “go lose weight, go look great, go love life”. It’s an insulin resistance diet that’s meant to be adapted to each person in order to change their individual insulin sensitivity.

The diet has three parts, and the final aim is to not only lose weight but also to regulate insulin resistance.
The GOLO diet was created by Dr. Keith Ablow, and it’s a recovery plan that lasts only 30 days. One of the boldest claims made by those who back the GOLO diet is that an individual only has to do it once in their life without ever rebounding and gaining back the weight (and more).

What Is The Golo Diet?

The first component of the GOLO diet consists in taking soft gelatin based tablets that contain organic linseed oil and other vegetable ingredients. The idea is to take one of these plant-based tablets with each meal in order to stave off hunger (and prevent overeating), release stored fat, and in turn, begin to regulate insulin levels.
You start GOLO using the Release supplement. That supplement contains all of the following ingredients:
— 60 mg Magnesium
— 30 mg Magnesium Oxide
—5 mg Zinc
— Zinc Oxide 5 mg
— 70 mcg Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate
405 mg GOLO’s Patented Blend of Plant Extracts:
Barberry bark, gardenia fruit, banaba lead, inositol , salacia, and apple.
These are nothing more than carefully thought out metabolic meal plans in which each item is methodically balanced to ensure that it does not generate an excess of insulin or fat. There are a lot of diets that consist of taking a supplement that suppresses hunger and eating sensible, metabolically balanced meals. Golo is no exception, but what makes it one of the most reputable and effective weight loss diets is that it comes with an online support group. The 30 day diet plan comes with a yearlong membership to mygolo.com, where dieters can share advice among themselves, and also have access to fitness and nutrition tracking.

What Is Insulin Resistance Exactly?

Resistance to insulin occurs when the body produces more insulin than it can use. As such, glucose that isn’t turned into energy accumulates in the blood. Having too much insulin in the blood manifests itself in frequent urination, chronic fatigue, weight gain (difficulty to lose weight) and eventually diabetes.

Does the GOLO Diet Really Work?
There are plenty of online testimonials where enthusiastic individuals earnestly claim that GOLO has helped them get thin and stay thin. Giving the sheer volume of positive feedback, it’s highly unlikely that the hype surrounding GOLO isn’t justified. Still, as is to be expected, there are some medical professionals who are skeptical. For starters, no matter how hard you search for it within GOLO’s own literature, you never seem to find an adequate explanation as to exactly how the supplements and the meals work together to optimize the insulin in the blood.
Still, from a nutritional standpoint, there is nothing dangerous about the GOLO diet. In fact, it’s quite sound from a dietary perspective. As for the supplement, all of the ingredients (especially linseed oil) have their proven benefits. Thus, any food allergies notwithstanding, there are no side effects to the .
For anyone who’s tried (and failed) to lose weight, the GOLO diet may be the way to go. There are thousands out there who’ve said it’s worked for them, and most of them tie their success in with how this diet has helped them retool their relationship with food.

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