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Boho Chic Style

Fashion is an important part of each modern girl’s life. Thus, it is quite natural that you want to be on the trend. Even writers of essay writing online services create different written works concerning beauty, fashion, and style. Thus, it is not a secret that history repeats itself, and the beauty world is a good place for such repetitions. One of these very pretty renovations is a Boho-Chic style.

A Brief History of The Trend

The term “Boho-chic” means “Bohemian Homeless”, an abbreviation of these words. The part “chic” came from French and was used to denote elegance of style. Certainly, the name itself has some references to the gypsies who traveled in central Europe and were called Bohemians by the name of a French province – Bohemia. The style itself took some elements of gypsies’ wardrobe, for example, maxi skirts and floaty models. Another relevant version of name’s origination is that a collocation “Bohemian Homeless” was used to denote people of artistic, “bohemian” professions like actors, singers, artists, etc.

This style as a fashion trend is a combination of hippie, gypsy, vintage, grunge and ethnic elements, which is comfortable both in everyday life and for special events. Some fashion historians think that the first traces of this style can be found in the nineteenth century in the paintings of the English Pre-Raphaelite artists whose collections inspire even modern couturiers. For example, Sarah Burton, a creative director of Alexander McQueen fashion brand, designed a dress for the wedding ceremony of Catherine Middleton and Prince William under the impact of such Pre-Raphaelite painters as Edward Burne-Jones and others. Thus, it can be said that this style has its own niche in the world of modern couture fashion. There are many other celebrities who like this style, for instance: Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Florence Welch, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and others.

As we have already mentioned, this trend came into the world in the nineteenth century for the first time. Then, it had a new rising in the 1960s when hippies’ subculture drove the fashion. And now, from the beginning of the 21st century, we can see a new dawn of this style. It is interesting that such spirit has different varieties in different countries as well. For example, in the United States of America, this pattern is called “bobo”, the contraction from “bourgeois” or “bohemian”. Such American stars as Olsen twins, Taylor Momsen, Kirsten Dunst and others are fans of this fashion style. This manner of dressing is simple but beautiful at the same time; maybe it is this tenuity that gives elegance to the trend.

What Things Are Necessary for Your Wardrobe?

Many fashionmongers all over the world like this style because of its comfort and naturalness. It is really so! And it looks pretty good! So, here you may find the information about things which you must obligatorily have to create the Boho-Chic image.

If you think that boho-look is a simple thing to create, you are absolutely right. Such style does not need too much time or money. It may happen so that you will find some items of clothing in your wardrobe or take some of them from your friends.

Thus, to become a “boho-chic” girl, you must have the following articles of clothing:

  1. Maxi skirts. One of the basic things of such wardrobe is a maxi skirt. It can be simple or with an interesting print, but the rule is that it must be long. However, it is a reference to gypsy style; therefore, try to become accustomed to such length. It is also better to select clothes from natural materials if possible.
  2. Furry gilets. It is another integral part of such wardrobe. This item is a universal one and it can be easily combined with your skirts or maxi dresses.
  3. Headbands. Various headwraps and headbands are necessary accessories in the fashion armory of this style. Thus, try to add them to your collection; turbans are also good.
  4. Tunics and blouses. Embroidered T-shirts and tunics are the classic things of this mode of clothing. Certainly, such a tunic is the first thing coming to mind after the word “bohemian”. Therefore, try to collect several items of this to your new look.
  5. Denim vest. A maxi dress with a denim vest was one of the most recognizable boho trends of the recent years. If you have such a vest, you can use it again with pleasure.
  6. Flared jeans. Such a look places a premium on comfort, that is why jeans are also suitable. They are comfortable, cheap and easy to find.
  7. Cardigans and sweaters must also be included in your armoire. You should choose thin, knit sweaters to have the effect of elegant many-layer look.
  8. Footwear. Footwear is also an interesting point of the look. You must find fashionable gladiator sandals for summer and leather ankle boots for winter. Remember that it is better to prefer natural materials and colors, so, choose some neutral-colored footwear.
  9. Hats. Hats are also necessary, especially floppy-brimmed ones.
  10. Accessories. The necessary accessories are dangly earrings, wood and metal bangles (the more – the better), and statement necklaces. Combine all of them as you want.

This fashionable trend has great variability and each girl can find something for her own needs in it. By the way, the style itself is tried-and-true and its renovation after so many years means that it is worth using. So, just try!

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