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Is Epilating Really Better Than Shaving And Waxing?


Are you tired of spending a fortune on razors or on salon visits? Are you looking for a solution that provides you with the effect of waxing, but without the salon treatment that it necessitates?

Well, only an epilator can do that! Read on to know more…

Epilators are small devices that look like electronic shavers. The device is fitted with tiny rotating tweezers that pull your hair from the follicles as your un it across your skin. The result is just like waxing, but it has the convenience of a small shaver.

The biggest factor we consider while opting for personal grooming is the price.

While razors are cheaper, they irritate the skin, the hair grows back too fast and it is always thicker.

With waxing, you have two options, either to opt for a professional wax or do it at home. Even though you need to wax once in a month or two (depending on your hair growth) the cost does add up.

While the epilator may seem pricier up front, you don’t need to spend a dime on it again for a year or two. The initial cost is usually a little more than a professional wax treatment, so in the end, you aren’t really spending a lot!

Another thing you need to consider is the effectiveness of your treatment.

Shaving is just a temporary solution and the hair grows back too fast (& thicker), requiring frequent shaving to maintain a smooth and hair free skin.

While waxing generally does remove all the hair, sometimes pressing down results in hair sticking to the skin and breaking instead of being pulled out. You need to sit back and painfully tweeze out each hair left after your waxing is done.

A good quality epilator, on the other hand, pulls the hair out of the follicle and when the hair grows back, it is a lot thinner. With epilating, you can easily go back to spots you missed.

Epilating is also mess-free as you do not need to apply a shaving gel or foam or wax and do not need to clean up after you are done with your hair removal.

So, epilating is a lot cheaper, quicker and long lasting than shaving and waxing, making it one of the most efficient hair removal methods available.

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