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How to Tan Yourself like an Expert


A good spray tan gives you the appearance of having spent times lounging in the sun. Spray tanning can be much better than tanning in the sun (keep the risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging). Self-tanning is a learned ability – no one is born with it. Learning through trial and error (or mistakes) to get like a perfect tan without the sun ever streaks, is a perfect way to save time and money. If you are looking to get the most out of your spray, it is important to remember some basics. If you are the owner of a spry tanning business make sure you have the correct level of spry tan cover to operate professionally.

Before the Tan

A high-quality spray tan should last five to ten days – especially if you have prepared your skin properly. You never want to scrub your skin rough, but you do want to give it a good cleaning. Removing dead skin cells and debris (exfoliation) the night before, applying moisturizer, and taking a shower thoroughly with soap alone is extremely important. This will make sure that you get your tan with a fresh, clean skin. Shaving before the tanning is also a good idea.

Usually, it is our first instinct to use moisturizer after exfoliation, however damping your pre-tan skin with a lotion is a big no no. Moisturizers have agents that can prevent sticking of tan with skin proteins. Creams and lotions containing alpha-hydroxy acid or lactic acid and other skin renewal agents should be avoided on the same day of tanning before spraying.

How to apply tan

Take your tan glove (or a small piece of cloth), a hair band and brush, then cover the head of brush with the glove and wrap the hair band around its handle to keep the glove from slipping off. Drop tanner to your glove and distribute it evenly, applying it to the center of the glove, then fold in half. Following this method can not only help you reduce the amount of product applied to your face, hands, elbows, knees and feet but also help get a fine balanced look. Do not apply the same amount tan on your face as on other parts of the body due to its sensitive skin.

After the Tan

Typically, a tan spray should dry in three to five minutes. It’s okay to feel a bit sticky; however, it is advisable to wait eight to twelve hours before the shower to avoid discoloration. When it comes to taking a shower finally, stand slightly away from the shower head and drop water until it flows to the skin without leaving any residue. The first shower should be entirely without soap and shampoo. Your second shower can include both – but prefer the cleanser that should be smooth and gentle with no or little exfoliating properties. Finally, hydration and moisturizing is essential. Be sure to do this at least two times a day.

You can use a tanner to extend the color, but you should wait at least 36-48 hours. Scared of looking too orange or excessively tanned, avoid applying dark tan products and stick to tanners that are light or medium in color.

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