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FIDGET TOYS , Sensory And Stress Relief Toys

WHAT IS FIDGETING? Fidgeting is the act of moving about restlessly and is often the result of nervousness, agitation, or boredom. This excessive energy often gets channeled into acts like bouncing ones leg repeatedly, nail biting, knuckle cracking, pencil tapping, hair twirling, and a host of other mindless sensory-motor activities. WHAT ARE FIDGET TOYS? Fidget toys are tools used to promote movement and tactile input. MOUNTAIN VIEW Fidgets consist of woven mesh sleeves containing a marble. The idea is to push the marble back and forth with the fingers to direct a person’s nervous energy in a less distracting and more socially appropriate way than other types of fidgeting. In Sync Fidgets are effective because they are simple, discreet, quiet, and designed to be ergonomically effective and appealing for human hands. These fidgets measure 4 inches long and are a great fidget for both kids and adults. HOW CAN MOUNTAIN VIEW FIDGETS HELP ME? Research by educational psychologists shows that doing something that uses a sense other than the one required for a primary task (like fidgeting with your hand while working on a math problem), can actually focus the mind better on the primary task. Hence kids with ADHD focus best when using fidget toys because the fidgeting is less distractive. In Sync Fidgets work because they help regulate and direct movement specifically without using too much thought or attention. Anyone using these toys can channel nervous energy while focusing on the primary task.


BREAKS HABITS: The fidget toy is useful to stop biting or nail picking by keeping your fingers busy. Those old habits can now be broken for good! The marble slides back and forth to help you stay focused in the classroom or at work. These fidget toys are EXTRA STRONG created using double weaved nylon mesh

SMALL AND COMPACT: The fidget toys are 3.5″ in length which gives them the added advantage of fitting perfectly in the hands of toddlers, children, and adults. They are small and concealable and fully portable, fits in your pocket so that you can take it with you at school, work (your favorite, soothing office toy), while traveling, in waiting areas, wherever fidgeting may take place. The easiest way to keep your hands engaged in something that will soothe you and relieve your anxiety.

THERAPIST RECOMMENDED: Therapists, teachers, occupational therapists say that when someone lacks attention and focus because of absence of the movement they need, they cannot think clearly, listen or read attentively. The Fidget-A-Way set is the ideal fidgeting toy for children with Sensory Processing Disorders, ADHD, Autism, dyslexia or other learning challenges and the best way to help adults with increased stress levels.

ENTICING AND COLORFUL: A set of brightly colored fidget toys, your own vibrant stress crusher.
SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE: “HAS HELPED” Children and Adult with ADHD, ADD, OCD, Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism, dyslexia, high stress, high anxiety levels or other learning challenges visit  and shop now 🙂

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