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Factors to Affect The Price of Human Hair Extensions


Hair extensions have become very popular nowadays and they are the most favorite single items for African American in the world. It allows you to change your hairstyle quickly. Hair extensions are also loved by celebrities and super stars in TV and fashion show. However, with a large variety of styles and brands, most of women do not know their real price and what they are buying.

It is difficult to consider price when you are facing too many qualities and styles in different length and color. The following are some tips to consider their price when you buying weaves or extensions online or in the street.

The price of hair extensions is determined by quality. There will be different quality level on each type of product. Generally speaking, hair extensions have human hair, synthetic hair and sometimes it is human hair mixed with horse or cow hair. The price of human hair is much higher than synthetic hair. Besides, human hair is divided into remy and non-remy hair, remy hair has all cuticles alighed in the same direction, because it is less prone to tangle and matt, so remy hair is the best one and gives you the most natural looking.

The price is also determined by the hair source. Human hair could be sourced from China, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Russia, etc. The hair extensions from different region will have different price level. Besides, the availability and scarcity will also affect the price, for example, a light brown curl hair is quite rare, and therefore it will need a higher price to get.

Hair extensions price is affected by supply chain. Some Chinese hair companies bought Indian hair and then develop them into hair wefts and extensions, then sell them to women all over the world. So, if the supply chain is long, the hair goods will be more expensive, because they will cross various international borders ultil arriving on the end users.

The hair length is a big factor to affect the price of extensions. 32-inch human hair is not as easy to grow as 12-inch one. So, the price of extensions will be affected by its length of hair weft. The longer extension is, the more expensive it will be, certainly, the synthetic hair is an exception.

The benefits and durability are great factors to affect the price of extensions. If you want an extensions that is less prone to tangle and matt, be sure to choose human hair that will also last longer if it is remy or virgin remy quality.

Finally, when you are going to pick the best hair extensions from various suppliers, choose the one that most clients trust. New Star Hair, which is a nice hair vendor established their company several years ago, wholesale Brazilian hair at the lowest price when comparing with other manufacturers. Whether weaves, extensions, wigs, frontals and closures, they all use mink remy hair as base material, also, they opened two branches in the United States located in New York and Atlanta, which can ensure the shipped hair products arrive to end user with 3-5 working days.

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